Liquid trust Spray By Vero Labs for Women and men

Is it possible to buy “trust” or “love” in a bottle? No….Actually Yes…and that’s exactly what Vero Labs do. They sell liquid trust spray in a cute little bottle.

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Does Liquid Trust “love spray” really work?

Vero Labs is an on line company which have introduced the latest Liquid Trust Spray for invoking trust in people with whom the wearer interacts. By spraying Liquid Trust on yourself, any person you encounter will fall under your magical trust within a given time. Oxytocin is the key ingredient in Liquid Trust spray which changes the perspective of everyone (without realizing) and evokes a strong feeling of trust.

Liquid Trust Spray FOR MEN AND WOMEN:

Oxytocin, a chemical hormone present in males and females motivates myriad of healthy emotions we go through such as calmness, reduced anxiety, mating feelings, trust etc. It is also existing at the time of sexual activity, child delivery, breastfeeding etc. When you are with a comfortable person, hypothalamus releases intranasal oxytocin which makes us open up to share emotional stories with certain people thus making the opposite person become a more trustworthy figure.

A complete Hush hush spray, Liquid Trust is absolutely odorless and does not give away your secret. Completely void of any side effects such as skin allergies, the spray lasts for hours but takes it own time in releasing its impact after its application.

How to use Liquid trust Spray By Vero Labs:

Just spray Liquid Trust (once or twice) on your shirt for maximum benefit. The effects last for around two to four hours after spraying. Other contents in Liquid Trust include SD alcohol, water which makes the product much easier to spray.

It comes in one ounce bottle with two months, six months and one year supply. If you want to go for a trial pack, choose the single 1/4 Oz bottle which will last upto two weeks.

New Liquid Trust Enhanced Spray with Pheromone FOR MEN:

Be the female magnet by dabbing the latest Liquid Trust Enhanced Body Spray which contains powerful pheromones such as Androstenone and Androsterone along with the original base of Oxytocin. An innovative product which helps men succeed in both professional and personal lives.

Liquid Trust Enhanced Spray comes in one ounce bottles that is designed to last for 2 months and 6 months as per your supply packs.

Review about Liquid Trust Spray:

General consensus of end users report that it does seem to have a minor effect than what is promoted about the product. Some claim that it is simply a “mind over matter” thing, and the spray just motivates our mind to build enough self-confidence in ourselves. A salesperson claimed after using Liquid Trust Spray she noticed difference in her job and increased friendship levels with customers.

Pros and Cons of Liquid trust Spray By Vero Labs:

As Vero Labs provide you with a 60 day satisfaction guarantee, you can return the product if unsatisfied. As Liquid Trust Spray is odorless, it can be used along with colognes or perfumes.

Though people claim this product is magical, there is no scientific evidence to prove the fact that the released oxytocin invokes special effects on people. Some public stated that the product is too costly when compared to the size of the spray bottle.

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I found that the Liquid Trust reviews were very confusing. No one really seemed to be sure if the spray actually worked. Most say that the effect is purely placebo. If people do have good results, they seem to think that it is because they know they have the Liquid Trust on them and thus, feel more confident. They become more open, better receiving of others and happier in their disposition. Although this is speculated as the reason for people to become more trusting, there have been experiences were people have gone out resolutely deciding that they would show no changes in their attitudes and have still gotten the same results.

I talked to a friend of mine who had used the Liquid Trust spray. He said that he had had a meeting with a client which was bordered at formal-informal. He had never met the person but the meeting was not supposed to be overly formal. He decided to use the spray on this day. The potential client not only opened up about his business, but also about his family and other personal things. Although my friend did not find the excess talk very desirable, he did find that by the time he left, the deal was closed and all were happy.

Another friend of mine tried the Liquid Trust spray on a date, but found that the effects were not very different from usual. The rest of us were not overly disappointed by this because she was naturally very attractive, in character and looks. She did say that she felt slightly more open to the relationship, though. I found that the oxytocin present in the Liquid Trust spray was not only beneficial to the people round the users, but for the users themselves. Oxytocin is a hormone produced in the body when there are feelings of bonding, motherly instincts and during mating. This hormone is found in the mother’s body during breast feeding and is thought to be the reason for the “unconditional” love that mothers feel for their kids.

The hormone has been inserted into the spray and the people using it are supposed to feel the difference. People around them would gauge them as more trustworthy due to the action of oxytocin. The only conclusion I have been able to draw is that the spray works differently for different people. I have ordered my bottle and can’t wait to try it.

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Sometimes you need more than in built trust to deal with people around you. Liquid trust spray quietly works in helping you gaining trust from people.

What is oxytocin in Liquid trust Spray?

Oxytocin, is a hormone that naturally occurs in the human brain. Oxytocin plays a major role in relationships, mood shifts etc. A recent study showed that it actually has the ability to cure certain phobias in people.

When inhaled, oxytocin makes people around you bond you and trust you blindfoldedly.

How does Liquid trust Spray work?

By combining oxytocin with other good ingredients, vero labs has invented the liquid trust spray which is soaring the market.

Trust is vital in any relationship ranging from personal to professional lives. Oxytocin pheromone spray is basically odorless and hence can be used with other colognes, perfumes etc. When sprayed in your body, it makes other people trust you more.

For those who lack much self-confidence, this is one of the best products to be around. For professionals, it will help you boost your career. If you have sweaty palms to make “that” presentation, a tinge of liquid trust spray will definitely do you good by making you look more trustworthy and confidante.

Those who are single need not worry. Use liquid trust spray that will help you find a definite and healthy relation. If you are the one who is looking to improve your relationship, just spray it on and you will find your partner being drawn to you and trusting your decisions more than ever.

How to use Liquid trust Spray?

All you have to do is spray liquid trust spray in the morning after a quick shower. Combine it with your favorite perfume. Once sprayed, liquid trust spray will normally last for around 2 – 4 hours a day.

Vero labs uses purified water, SD alcohol and oxytocin to give you the perfect liquid trust spray. It is made in USA which makes the product 100% genuine.

Vero labs gives away 60 day money back guarantee on their products which means if you are not satisfied with liquid trust spray, you are entitled to give it back from the date of purchase and get fully reimbursed.

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VeroLabs LiquidTrust is one of the few Pheromones by Vero LabsLiquid Trust is known to be effective amongst the middle aged men and women! A spray can make you the most trust able person in the world and that is ‘Liquid Trust’ – The ‘Trust hormone’ spray. The underlying key element in any relationship is ‘trust’. Trust makes you and your life partner to love each other and stay together. Trust bonds you very strongly with your family, especially with your children, sisters, brothers and our kith-and-kin. Trust makes your working environment very comfortable and manageable. Building trust is not very easy. So here comes a very trustworthy, trust-building product with is called ‘Liquid Trust’ or ‘Trust hormone spray’.

What makes the Liquid Trust Spray a unique product?

Liquid Trust is the best oxytocin-based pheromone product available in the market. Oxytocin is a hormone produced by every human brain and plays a prominent role in sex, breast feeding, strengthening the social relations, elevating mood, helps in the treatment of a number of psychological and physiological problems. Liquid Trust Spray is considered to be the first attractant pheromone product to contain a chemical, a human hormone – Oxytocin, the super-magical bonding hormone.

Oxytocin – How does it produce and what does it do?

Oxytocin, a hormone produced by the hypothalamus, plays an important role in the neuroanatomy of intimacy. Normally this is released in large amounts during labor, facilitating child birth, maternal bonding and lactation. When you feel very comfortable and enlightened by the presence of a person, it is due to the hormone Oxytocin. There is no words to explain the happiness while hugging our children and giving a kiss on their cheek. And thus it is also known as ‘bonding hormone’.

Oxytocin is released in low levels when you hug or kiss someone with intimacy, hold hands or look into the eyes of your loveable person. Oxytocin is also called ‘love molecule’ as it plays a critical role in human pair-bonding. It creates sexual arousal and help in maintaining a healthy and happy sexual life.

Oxytocin can induce feelings of optimism, increase self-esteem and build trust and hence can help people overcome their social inhibitions and fear. Oxytocin is considered to be very helpful in treating people suffering from mood disorders, extreme shyness, post traumatic stress disorder and damaged relationships. Thus Oxytocin is also called ‘trust hormone’.

In other words, Oxytocin is the hormone which ultimately makes us a human who cares, loves and be social. It helps in increasing in-group trust, maintain relationships, induces the ability to empathize, trust and love people.

do pheromones have oxytocin in them – Liquid Trust Spray

The world’s first trust enhancing body spray, which when sprayed will project the bearer as the most trustworthy person in this world. Liquid Trust Spray helps people to build trust when at work, in meetings, during job interviews etc. It increases the social skills of autistic people. Liquid Trust Spray justifies all quotes related to trust and some of them are:

“Whether it’s a friendship or relationship, all bonds are built on trust. Without it, you have nothing. “
“The best proof of love is TRUST.”

Liquid Trust Spray is the world’s first spray-on oxytocin developed by Vero Labs which uplifts you to higher levels of trust and togetherness beyond words.

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Vero Labs – Liquid Trust Oxytocin Pheromone Spray For Men And Women

Vero Labs introduces improved oxytocin body sprays for men and women. Connekt and Attrakt are improved types of Liquid Trust and Liquid Trust Enhanced pheromone sprays. Those who are looking to boost their confidence, improve their love life and build a circle of trust can benefit a lot from Vero Labs pheromone sprays. Now one may think how does an oxytocin spray help in building relationships? Read on to know all about it.

This article everything you ever wanted to know about oxytocin spray and how Vero Labs is motivating people to create a social circle with oxytocin sprays and perfumes such as Connekt and Attrakt. In this guide, we will be covering –

  • Vero Labs Oxytocin spray
  • Does liquid trust oxytocin spray from Vero Labs really work?
  • Connekt and Attrakt pheromone sprays from Vero Labs
  • Vero labs ingredients
  • Why buy from Vero Labs
  • Vero Labs Cost and Credibility
  • Vero Labs Oxytocin Liquid Trust Spray Customer reviews
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Liquid Trust Oxytocin spray – Attrakt and Connekt from Vero Labs

Vero Labs was started in the year 2006 with a single motive of helping people in building relations. They are the pioneer in formulating natural oxytocin sprays. That’s right. If you are looking for a way to boost the oxytocin level in your body naturally, then Vero Labs has the right product for you.

Liquid trust and Liquid trust enhanced are not unknown to users. There are thousands of users worldwide who have benefited from it. If you have used liquid trust, then Vero Labs is not a new to you. They are basically an oxytocin supplment for enhancing trust in users.

The company has come up with a much more powerful version of liquid trust and liquid trust enhanced called Connekt and ATTRAKT. They are available for both men and women with a slight modifications here and there to suit the respective genders.

With Connekt and Attrakt, you will find that the ball is now at your court. You will feel elevated levels of confidence with people able to trust you easily than ever. All thanks to the natural ingredient called OXYTOCIN.

Does Liquid Trust Oxytocin Spray From Vero Labs Really Work?

The seductive oxytocin is often termed as a ‘love hormone’ or ‘hormone of love’. But its not always about getting Mr. Perfect or finding Mrs. Right. A motherly emotion for her baby, stimulation of milk for breastfeeding, a feeling of generosity and trust, delivering orgasm and so on are few instances of good oxytocin level in the body.

Oxytocin benefits are not unknown to us. It is a versatile actor that has many roles to play when it comes to sex, social behavior, dealing with emotions, reproduction and so on. Conneckt or Attrakt from Vero Labs creates a trust among people. It might be just a date or nailing that first interview. Liquid trust from Vero Labs has received many reviews. It has helped them bring their lost self confidence. Users found that people are approaching them much more easily than before.

So how does oxytocin in Attrakt for him/her work? When the oxytocin is smelled by another person, his/her oxytocin levels rise. This creates a bonding without their knowledge. They might not have met you before but they feel a comfort zone with you.

In the wearer, it stimulates the mind and brain to raise the level of confidence. As a result, you will find yourself naturally attracting people around you. Oxytocin in Attrakt for him/her works like a magnet in absorbing the good vibes so you will find yourself generous. Whilst people around find you easy to talk and an absolute charm.

There are many cheap oxytocin spray that you can buy online. However quality matters. Liquid trust from Vero Labs have been used by many people. Price is an inevitable factor. But if you want a quality product that actually works, then don’t think twice.

That’s not all. The new versions of Liquid trust oxytocin spray includes pheromones too. Pheromones are known to trigger an attraction between two individuals. With pheromones in your Attrakt for him/her spray, all eyes will be on you.

Vero Labs Liquid Trust Oxytocin Sprays For You

Buy Vero Labs liquid trust oxytocin spray online at a cheap price. There are currently three products available from Vero Labs –

  • Vero Labs CONNEKT

Connekt (Liquid Trust) – Oxytocin Spray From Vero Labs

For those who want to “connect” with people, Connekt is best recommended. Ever had the adrenaline rush while taking your first step at a new office? That jittery feel and awkwardness is history now. Connekt from Vero Labs boosts your confidence level that will show at your face. People will find you naturally friendly thus breaking the ice.

Using Connekt from Vero Labs will give you an edge of self-awareness. You will realise the hidden potential within you making you improvise even more.

You will be much more empathetic towards people and viceversa as well. Liquid trust spray can help you experience and turn a new leaf. It can heal breaking relationships, be it indifferences between couple or friends. Be your true self with Connekt that helps you to grow everday.

To sum it up, Connekt for men/women from vero labs –

  • Enhances human bonds
  • Can be used for both men and women
  • Make you empathetic
  • Increases self-esteem
  • Should contain only oxytocin molecules
  • Expect more social bonding
  • Opens bottled feelings
  • Boosts loyalty towards oneself and others
  • Positive self awareness
  • Can Use it with fragrance

Attrakt For Him (Liquid Trust Enhanced) Spray From Vero Labs

The Oxytocin spray – ATTRAKT FOR HIM is recommended for men who are shy and hesitate to open up when put in a social meet. Simply use Attrakt for him with your favorite cologne and express your masculinity in a whole new way.

The oxytocin content in the spray comes with natural pheromones that turns you overnight into a women magnet. Sensuality in men is often considered an element of attraction. A study conducted by Dr. Rene Hurlemann at Univeristy of Bonn, Germany resulted that “oxytocin triggers the reward system to activate on the partner’s face, the presence of the partner”.

A bunch of studies says that oxytocin makes a person become more supportive and sympathetic. This can make people open up with their feelings. A core base in every relationship, many use Attrakt for men in treating differences in couples. Pairs using oxytocin spray regularly are the ones who stick together even after 6 months.

People with high oxytocin levels not only completed each other’s lines but also laughed and are absolutely compatible with each other. However it is still not clear if oxytocin is the one responsible for maintaining the stability of the couple.

To conclude, Attrakt for him can help you –

  • Attract women in life
  • Enhance manliness and masculinity
  • Boosts the confidence levels
  • For Men only to attract the ladies
  • Includes Oxytocin and Natural male pheromones
  • Delivers a long lasting attraction from others
  • Heightens intimacy and sexual tension
  • Healthier connection with partner
  • Can be worn with favorite cologne

Attrakt For Her (Liquid Trust Enhanced) From Vero Labs

Attrakt for her is specially designed spray for women who want to flaunt your individuality. The oxytocin content in Attrakt for her boosts the hidden sensuality and beauty that can break many hearts (not exaggerating!!!).

Men love women who are mysterious and with Attrakt for her from Vero Labs, all you have to do is feel great about yourself. The rest will follow.

Oxytocin in Attrakt for her boosts the confidence level a great extent. Leave a lasting impression on men with Attrakt for her that will alleviate any fear of social exposure.

Break-ups or losing a loved one takes time to heal. Recovering is often the hardest move one has to make. The pheromones in Attrakt for her helps in healing the wounds and motivate you to move over to a new chapter in life. It calms down the stress level and soothes the mind.

Research says that the pheromone hormones helps in creating a feeling of calm and empathy. It will make you feel loved by enhancing the relationships. Spice up the trust with a tinge of your favorite perfume to turn on the feminist charm. Its also about opening up oneself socially.

Using Attrakt for her can help you in exploring the unknown. For instance, women who tend to be shy will find oxytocin spray a wonderful ally for social experience. The liquid trust enhanced version (Attrakt) has received amazing reviews from lady users.

NOTE that these products from Vero Labs are available at ONLINE ONLY. They are not OTC products. So make sure you buy from the official website or from a genuine online affiliate.

Bottomline, Attrakt for her helps in –

  • Enhancing attractivness for your man
  • Increases the sex appeal
  • Builds and improves the relationship as well
  • Women’s Spray formula, Only for her
  • Heightens intimacy and pleasure
  • Connecting with your partner emotionally and physically
  • Improves social bonds as well
  • Pair with your desired perfume

Liquid Trust & Liquid Trust Enhanced – Combo packages

Combine your favorite pheromones with your own blend of oxytocin and fragrance –

  • Connekt and Attrakt for him
  • Connekt and Attrakt for her

Ingredients in liquid trust sprays – Connekt and Attrakt from Vero Labs

The liquid trust oxytocin sprays – Connekt and Attrakt contains pure, high quality pheromones such as Androstenone and Copulin in purified water base. The main ingredient is obviously the Oxytocin hormone. These ingredients are blended with SD Alcohol 40B with slight fragrance to top it off. However, the fragrance is quite faint and barely visible. So you are good to go with your cherished cologne/perfume.

Why should you buy liquid trust oxytocin spray online?

For starters, Vero Labs is commited to delivering quality products that works optimum for the users. Unlike many cheap oxytocin spray, Attrakt for him/her or Connekt comes with actual oxytocin pheromone manufactured using high quality ingredients. This will give you guaranteed results within couple of hours post spray.

Vero Labs offers you 60 day money back guarantee. This means try out the product for 60 days. If you feel it is not working as claimed, give it back. You will be reimbursed with your money (minuts 15% restocking charges).

Vero Labs oxytocin spray customer reviews say a lot about the product they have been delivering. For instance, liquid trust and liquid trust enhanced have been able to strike a chord with the users. They have worked almost instantly and have put Vero Labs at a higher pedestal.

If you want to boost your confidence level or simply be a reliable person, then Attrakt and Connekt will help you build a social chain with absolute ease.

Liquid Trust pheromones sprays from Vero Labs – Price and Guarantees

Price of Liquid trust spray lean towards the expensive side. In fact, liquid trust reviews say that the cost can pose a problem for those on budget.

Vero Labs gives a 60 day money back guarantee when you buy oxytocin spray for men and women. During this period, if you feel the product does not meet your standards, return within the said period. You can claim your money back. However, Vero Labs does take a 15% restocking fee when you return the product.

Vero Labs ships their oxytocin spray worldwide. The shipping charges will vary based on the country you are residing.

Vero Labs Oxytocin Spray Customer Reviews

Both Attrakt and Connekt have received immense response from users. Few of the consumers are already familiar to Liquid trust and liquid trust enhanced. So there is no confusion here. The new and improved versions – attrakt and connekt have been given 4.9-5 out of 5 star ratings in amazon. Attrakt for him reviews say that they have felt positive change post usage.

The contrary panel claims that the product does not work as said by Vero Labs. In fact, true pheromone reviews reported a chemical odor emitting from the spray. However they did admit that they used more than recommended. Vero Labs reviews also claim that the cost can be cut tad bit for the needy users.

Vero labs always tend to go out of the way to help the users in whatever way they can. The company provides complete info regarding customer support. Be it phone number or mail id, they will give you the prompt responses. The official website has a contact form where any queries from users will be responded within 24 hours.

Bottomline, Vero Labs products really does seem to work. There are clear testimonials and reviews that shower praises for Attrakt and Connekt. Connekt can be used for both genders – male or female that will improve the human interaction. It helps in building personal connecions and a implement an overall sense of well being.

Both Attrakt for him and Attrakt for her will not only boost confidence levels but also improve the existing relationships. It helps in strengthening the bond and develop deeper feelings such as love, trust etc. Not to mention making you feel attractive around your loved ones.

Conneckt, Attrakt for him and Attrakt for her Customer Reviews – Vero Labs

Jennifer Christmas – This stuff is amazing!

This stuff is simply amazing! It is quite strange how men tend to get attracted to different types of smells. I got so many compliments with such a small spray. I am wearing this to look for a new husband. The one I have sucks. But with attarkt for her I am sure it will be a delight.

Valerie evans – There is no fragrance. Use it with your regular perfume

I have been secretly using attrakt for her about a week now. I wanted to see if it worked on my husband of 18 years. It actually does. He has been giving lot of attention to me and gets cuddly as well from the last few days. Every time I turn he wants a hug or simply loves to hold me. There is no fragrance so I can add my regular perfume.

Joe – Thank you

I just want to say thank you. I was stuck with routine old job…barely making ends meet. I tried oxytocin spray and finally got a nice corporate job. I have to be honest. When I used liquid trust my relaionship with my GF wasn’t going well. But then after using Attrakt for him, I didn’t know what happened but things went from bad to wonderful. Best of all, she asked me to marry her. I would highly recommend it.

Pros And Cons of Liquid Trust Oxytocin Spray

The improved versions of liquid trust – Connekt and Attrakt tend to have a few pros and cons side.


  • Completely odorless so you can cover it up with your favorite cologne or perfume
  • Comes in spray bottle.
  • Vero Labs offers 60 day, 100% satisfaction guarantee that entitles for a full refund, if not satisfied.


  • Though users experienced positive results, evidence still lacks that oxytocin used in such manner has any legit effect on people.
  • The cost of Connekt, Attrakt is found to be too expensive for some.
  • Couple of users complained of respiratory effects after using this product. However, she did admit she used more than recommended. User also noted a chemical smell when applying the product.

Vero Labs coupon/discount codes

Vero Labs do not offer any coupon or promo codes. But, there are websites that offer good promotional offers and discount codes on Connekt, Attrakt for him and Attrakt for her. Use Vero Labs coupon codes for a further cut-off on the product of your choice.

Frequently Asked Questions about Vero Labs Oxytocin Pheromone spray

Where can I buy oxytocin spray Connekt from amazon?

Yes, you can buy oxytocin Connekt either from official website or from at a discounted price.

Can Connekt oxytocin spray cure depression?

There are studies relating to oxytocin curing depression. However, the product Connekt has not yet been researched upon to heal anxiety or depression health conditions.

Does the oxytocin spray Attrakt for him work?

Testimonials regarding Oxytocin spray effects of Attrakt for him show that the product actually works. You can verify the reviews at or other review websites.

Is Connekt available for sale over the counter?

No, Connekt from Vero Labs is sold only ONLINE.

Which is better – Max Attraction Gold or Attrakt for him?

Max attraction gold amazon reviews have been rated 2.4 out of 5 star. Attrakt for him amazon reviews have been rated 4.5 out of 5 star. This clearly shows which works for you.

Can Vero Labs oxytocin spray I buy be used as nasal spray?

No, Vero Labs sprays are only for external use. You can use them on neck/collar or on your clothes with your favorite perfume.

How are the axcite pheromone reviews compared to Attrakt for him?

Few reviews claim that the product Axcite pheromone has a shorter duration. This can be disturbing for those who need an pheromone spray that lasts a decent period. The spray needs to work and actually show results. Attrakt for him without a second thought is one such product that delivers clear results.

The syntocinon nasal spray price is far low than Attrakt or Connekt from Vero Labs? Why should I buy this product?

Syntocinon nasal spray is a product used to induce labor. It also increases the duration of contractions keeping in mind mother’s and baby’s health. Attrakt, Connekt from Vero Labs is an entirely different product in nature. They are used to boost self-confidence and induce social bonding in humans.


Both Connekt and Attrakt might seem like a fun product to try out but the price tag offered is a drawback. Till date, there has been no evidence that oxytocin can improve the trustworthiness in wearer (when used as a spray). The consumer reviews, however, claim otherwise.

The modified versions are much costly than the original models but then pheromones are known to affect the social development in humans. They are detected by smell. These oxytocin sprays truly seem to work in boosting the self confidence if not induce any biological process.