Alpha Dream’s L2K Pheromone For Men

Alpha Dream’s L2K Pheromone For Men

Alpha Dreams L2K

Alpha Dream pheromone products appear to be similar to some type of luxury colognes for men. L2K pheromone is the Alpha Dream’s latest and newest formula for men. Read on to know more about the product

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L2K, or ‘License to kill’, is Alpha Dream’s Secret Agent inspired formula. It’s more than its previous Alpha Maschio, with extra improvements geared toward comfort and sociability. L2K provides courteous self-effects and provides confidence building while creating a comfortable, yet sexually attractive environment for people around you. This formula has special qualities which make it the classiest most approachable male formula ever.

Features Of L2K Pheromone

L2K Pheromone is available in two versions: “Original” (v.1), or “Version 2” (v.2). Select the one which has your preferred scent.

  • Choose your scent option – unscented, leather & steel, black spice and sandalwood musk.
  • One bottle contains: 1.2 fl oz (36 mL) of liquid
  • One bottle gives you nearly 226 sprays applications
  • The Cyclomethicone and alcohol content ratio [4:1]

The two versions Pheromone content are

  • (V.1) – 29 mg / 36mL Bottle
  • (V.2) – 34 mg / 36mL bottle

This is an affordable product price at about $70, after discounts.


L2K Pheromone “Original” (v.1) or Version 2 (v.2), both L2K spray formulas have similar benefits from the pheromones effects –

  • Builds Confidence Levels
  • Claims Sexual Attraction
  • Increases Sociability
  • For Men to Women
  • Stimulates Sexual Arousal
  • Enhances Self-Effects
  • Positive Results Found
  • Stimulates Comfort Zone


L2K (v. 1) composition includes Decamethylcyclopentasiloxane, ultra-low viscosity dimethylpolysiloxane, Anhydrous Ethanol, androstadienone, alpha-androstenol, DHEAS, androstanone, androstenone, ß-androstAnol (Molecule “A”), ß-androstenol, androsterone potassium sulfate.

Alpha Dream Advanced Pheromone Technology

L2K (v. 2) ingredients are Decamethylcyclopentasiloxane, ultra-low viscosity dimethylpolysiloxane, Anhydrous Ethanol, androstadienone, alpha-androstenol, DHEAS, androstanone, androstenone, ß-androstenol, androsterone, androsterone potassium sulfate, androsterone sodium sulfate


Apply one or two sprays of Alpha Dream’s L2K Pheromone to clean skin on major pulse points like the neck, or the underside of your wrists. These are the areas of your skin which generates the most heat. Plus it enhances the product performance. Please make sure that Pheromones are for external use only.

Testing Results for L2K (V.1) and L2K (V.2)

From the ingredients list, one can find that there are several Pheromones like androstadienone, alpha-androstenol, DHEAS, androstanone, androstenone, ß-androstenol, and more in L2K. Then what makes the two versions separate from one another. In short, the version 2 is supposed to have more sexual Pheromones than the original version. Read on to learn about their testing results.

L2K (V.2) is a beast which has a loaded dose of sexual and masculinity. It’s full of higher quantity dominant pheromones that is stronger than L2K Version 1 and Alfa Maschio. It is loaded with socials to temper it out. It’s one or two sprays are enough to create magic. This will deliver a very high attraction vibe. Older men may see great results using the version 2.

L2K (V.1) seems to work great on the first date. It has more Glace and is less aggressive than the L2K Version 2. L2k (V.1) is social plus sexual wrapped in one pack. It is one of the very effective standalone sprays. Young men will experience great using the original v.1 version.


The most favorable L2K is the leather & steel scent option. Both versions are great standalone products that deliver incredible social as well as a sexual vibe.

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