The Gilroy pheromone patch – Gilroy oceans 13 pheromone

The Gilroy pheromone patch – Gilroy oceans 13 pheromone

Gilroy Pheromone Patch

Ocean’s 13 is a nice movie and above all most of us would have noticed the pheromone patch part. Did you notice how that woman went gaga over Matt Damon in that movie? Now the question is, do pheromones work like that and will it give an advantage during love situations. I am not sure about the pheromones used in the movie and but I must admit the scene were so good. Want to know more about Gilroy pheromone patch then stay tuned.

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Like I mentioned in the movie ocean’s 13 pheromones did the magic and he was able to seduce the woman off her feet. Just a patch on the neck and here you have your fantasies working. However, in reality, it seems offbeat and very impractical.

What are pheromones?

Pheromones are chemical substances secreted by the body and it triggers a social response within the members belonging to the same species. These chemicals have a capability to sexually attract members of the family or even perform functions closely related to sexual reproduction. It makes one feel confident and full of energy to interact in a social gathering. Pheromones attract others towards the person who has the pheromone patch and there are many products available in the markets.

Features of Gilroy pheromone patch – best pheromone in the market

  • Helps you to make social connections and get along well in gatherings
  • Gives the other person a feeling you have known each other for years
  • Open communications and easy icebreaker solution
  • Helps you to initiate conversations quickly with confidence
  • Brings in more sexual experience without you taking the first step
  • Makes you attractive and people will feel safe and secure when around you
  • Comes with a money back guarantee offer

Gilroy pheromone patch – the real pheromone

Pheromones are normal scents that our body produces. Pheromones help to increase the passion and intimacy between people when it comes to sexual communication. Gilroy pheromone according to the makers is a combination of two effective pheromones culminated into a single patch. It is easy to apply just like in them the movie and claims to do wonders.

This patch based pheromone application came as an inspiration from the movie and in reality; it is now a viable product. With the Gilroy patch, you can wake up the senses of a man or women and make them feel comfortable when around you. Like if you want to go out on a date and make the opposite partner get attracted towards you then this patch is of great help.

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Break the ice and the icebergs without uttering a word. Now get carried away to a sensuous world with the person whom you like on your very first date. The Gilroy patch makers guarantee that this product will work and do wonders.

Pheromones in the Gilroy patch

Alpha & Beta Androstenol (1,000 mcg)

Alpha Dream Advanced Pheromone Technology

These both are the primary pheromones used in the making of “The Gilroy”. The Gilroy patch contains alpha and beta androsterone in the best doses that help you to follow your natural instincts. It also contains 3000 mcg of androsterone.

No more do you have to get satisfied watching movies or feel that these fantasies do not work. Now it is possible in reality and using it is very simple.

Does the Gilroy pheromone patch work?

Yes according to customer feedbacks and confident makers of the product this works. The makers claim that they have perfectly combined powerful pheromones in the right doses. The dose is more than enough to create sexual energy and attraction. It gives you a feeling of confidence and it is overpowering.

Again, I do not think that you will have an immediate effect after applying this pheromone. Many users say that this product gives a safe and secure feeling. It definitely attracts people and makes you get along well in a social gathering. If you are looking out for a woman to jump upon you right after smelling you then you are wrong. That is not going to happen. It works but in a positive way and certainly makes you more attractive.

The Gilroy patch The Most Affordable Pheromone

This product offers a great solution and helps you to tackle Your Next Social Situation like a cakewalk. It is easy to use and very affordable. It is made with a special purpose and this product can be mixed and matched with other pheromones. There are many other pheromones available in the markets designed to achieve various goals and this product is compatible with others.

Directions and use of Gilroy patch

  • Active Ingredients: androstenol, Androsterone
  • Total Pheromone: 4,000 mcg
  • Recommended Dosage: 1 patch that lasts for 24 hours
  • Contains six Patches per Sheet

Gilroy pheromone patch Customer reviews

This product seems to have great reviews and people are talking positively. They say that it makes them feel empowered and feel more attractive. Below you can find reviews written by customers themselves.

  • Jose M. “great product and I feel a positive energy when applying the patch. “
  • Gustav G. “Exactly the product that I was looking for. Strongly recommend this product for those who need.
  • Patrice b “It is amazing to see how pheromones work and affect moods. I never believed until I used this product. It makes you more attractive and people get influenced when applying this patch.”
  • Maria “It definitely works! I just bought to give a try as my friend was talking about this product in a positive way. I used this product twice before going for a business meeting and my deals clicked without much effort. It is working to my advantage and I certainly love this product. This product is not the ocean’s 13 type instant remedy but it works in a positive way.”


Make every situation favorable for you with the help of Gilroy pheromone patch. However, do not expect women or men to bump on you just like that. It is not going to work that way but you will certainly be able to attract people and initiate positive starting.

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