Hax Pharmaceuticals Phermomones Review – Hax Pheroceuticals, Inc.

Hax Pharmaceuticals Phermomones Review – Hax Pheroceuticals, Inc.

Hax pheromones Holy Grail

Hax pharmaceuticals or rather Hax pheroceuticals is a New York based company that manufactures unscented pheromone sprays and concentrated oil. Holy Grail, C4, M512 etc. are some of the best selling products of Hax pharmaceuticals. Read on to know more about it.

  • What is HAX pheromones?
  • How does Hax pheromone products work?
  • Products of hax pheroceuticals
  • Does hax pheromones really work – Customer reviews of hax pheromones
  • Hax pheroceuticals special offers
  • Hax pheroceuticals discount codes and coupon codes
  • Hax pheroceuticals shipping and returns
  • Hax pheromones FAQs

What is HAX pheromones?

Pheromone Samples at Love-Scent.com

‘Chemistry’ is not just another subject of science anymore. Ecstasy, love, confidence, excitement, intimacy etc. are few of the emotions triggered by pheromones. Pheromones has been existing from the moment human race began. In fact, it is a very well known fact that women rank ‘smell and sense of physical chemistry’ much more than any other factor while deciding that you are the one for them, says Men’s Health and Cosmo 2011.

When men sweat after a workout, the body tends to release pheromones as well from the sweat glands such as armpits, genital area, navel etc. The olfactory system connected to the nasal organ inadvertently gets the smell of sweat and sends message to the hypothalamus. If the guy is healthy, a sexual response can be expected.

There are several more studies that show that pheromones when used correctly can help people boost their self-confidence, build strong relationships that can have an impact both in social and personal life.

Animals, for instance, release chemical signals in the air to confirm their presence. This will trigger behavioral response from female members for mating.

In today’s world, however, phermones have wide responsibilities to handle – such as sexually, improving confidence level, opening up in social environment, acting as ice-breaker and so on. Regardless, hax pheromones are mainly used for getting the “perfect partner”.

How Does Hax Pheromones Products Work?

When you use pheromone spray, you send out a message out of your presence. Hax pheroceuticals say that pheromone sprays and oils when used wisely can boost your chances of finding the right partner and in other cases, good job, promotion, healthy social life.

Its a general conception that hax pheromones are available only for “getting laid”. But there is more than what meets the eye. Picture this – you are nervous about your first day at work or getting tensed about making your first presentation. You need to nail it. Pheromones can help you with that.

Alpha Dream Advanced Pheromone Technology

Use the pheromone and then blend it with your favorite perfume. You will notice the difference within a few minutes.

Products of hax pheroceuticals come with various ingredients such as oxytocin, copulins etc. For those who are not aware, copulins are similar to pheromones. They are usually found in women’s vagina and can be received by men only via sex. However, certain copulins are released while breathing as well making it airborne. Oxytocin an copulins are not pheromones but essential molecules that add a great deal to the pheromone colognes. While oxytocin helps in bonding between two people, copulins when smelled by women create an arousing effect.

Pheromones work subconsciously. They are without a doubt the most intriguing elements that the body produces. Unfortuntely, pheromone production is reduced to a great extent when we shower, wash the clothes or use deos. Basically we are masking the natural scent body produces. Not to mention bad lifestyle, poor dietary habits and lack of sleep that kills the inborne hormone.

Hax pheromones comes with blends of 4-9 amplified human pheromone compounds. For instance, oxytocin, copulins etc. The oxytocin is a pheromone hormone works discreetly to gauze the attention of people. The result is people will begin to trust you and become more open. It breaks the ice between people and helps them overcome the awkwardness.

Products Of Hax Pheroceuticals

Pheromones are available as two different types – oils and sprays. However there are lot of blends available from hax pheroceuticals for men. So make sure you choose your product rightly.

Oils of Hax Pharmaceuticals

  • C4 wingman – is for men. If you want to be the man every woman wants then, C4 wingman will serve the purpose. Pitching in a sales product can be difficult. It’s not an easy task to convince people to buy a product. With C4 wingman you can easily build a trust with your client. It will also help you to grow professionally finally being able to tap your hidden potential.
  • M512 lab series wingman – Designed specifically for men living in hot and humid climates, this pheromone formula from hax pheromones has received legendary responses from people residing in humid climates such as Miami. Apply a tinge of oil after a shower and watch how it works.

X22 lab series wingman

Now this is a product that really caught my eyes. It is an insanely popular spray that has received immense response from male users. That’s why I am reviewing it separately.

Ever wondered at a woman and thought, ‘man, she is sooo out of my league!!”. Well, not anymore. X22 oil concentrate is the ultimate power dose for men who not only want to be charming but memorable as well. IT’S FOR THE ALPHA MAN IN YOU!!!

A blend of 7 pheromone, X22 lab series wing man took 8 years to be manufactured. The constant quality check, research and optimization pulled a few good years to develop one of the best pheromone oil.

That being said, the most intriguing part of using X22 is it not only pushes you to being social but also helps you to take a good look at your inner self. There are many men who are active in business, reading, writing but when it comes to socializing, they are sadly the ‘nerds’.

We have all had a moment when we meet people and then forget all about them. They don’t leave an impression anymore. But trust me if you want to ace in socializing it is vital that you connect real with people you meet.

If you want to leave a mark in people’s minds, then X22 is the best way. Users say that X22 from hax pheroceuticals has an imprinting effect that would make react spontaneously with you even though you are a complete stranger.

Let’s take for instance. Women in nightclubs or bars are social butterflies that tend to flit from guy to guy. They are hard to resist but even harder to get their attention. They lose interest in a jiffy. This is what makes it easy to test the pheromone sprays.

Many X22 pheromone spray reviews say that women found them irresistible and simply wanted to just hang out with them.

IT ISN’T ALWAYS ABOUT SEX!!! If you are searching for your soulmate or just want to build relationships, X22 is an efficient device. Its not anymore about meaningless conversations. The X22 lab series wingman allows you to have more livelier conversations assisting you to communicate more clearly. Less words and more impact just like the ‘alpha’ man.

Now the downside. DON’T OVERDO IT. Use more than recommended WON’T WORK. Few users applied more than necessary and noticed motormouth effects. Basically, not knowing when to shut up. Just like caffeine triggers jittery effects or simply infuses just too much energy, talking without sense can kill the impact you are trying to make.

The product comes with a 1 year money back guarantee. So you have time to try out the product. In case you don’t find it satisfying, give it back and get your money reimbursed.

Sprays of Hax Pharmaceuticals

Here are two prominent products of hax pharmaceuticals.

Holy grail from Hax pheroceuticals

With more than 10 pheromones blended with oxytocin and copulins, Holy grail from hax pheromones helps you achieve the rock star status of being an Alpha male.

Look her in the eye and let her know what you feel!! Holy grail is one of the best selling products of Hax pharmaceuticals. With longer pheromone effect of 8-10 hours, the impact you deliver will be priceless.

The recommended dosage is 2-5 sprays after shower. Since its unscented, choose your favorite cologne. You may have got out of a bad relationship and finding it difficult to move on. Holy grail helps the depressed to overcome the bottled up feelings. For people who feel it difficult to open up will find themselves amazingly talking about their past. It is also a great mood booster that will help you to calm the mind. People who are petrified of being in a crowd and want to stay lone will greatly benefit from Holy grail.

Termed as a ‘pherobomb’ by many users, Holy grail reviews can make you look and feel like a swagger. It actually hits hard with many women. If you are able to maintain the eye contact for a couple of seconds, you will find her walking towards her without a second thought.

A huge confident turner, holy grail can literally uplift your mood turning you from a novice to a master. It helps you overcome the fear toward approaching people – be it professional or personal. Holy grail helps you just with it. Once you have chucked off the fear, you need not look back. It gives you the confidence to move pass the messy past.

Many men term holy grail as a rockstar. It is certainly not for a weak mind. While X22 is a much easier and lighter version, Holy grail is a powerful spray that delivers intense emotions – both in men and women.

“X22 and Holy grail are entirely different. Holy grail is a much stronger version. Holy grail is the wild child and can be overwhelming. PS. If she bites you, you did it right” – says a user.

“The smell is not bad but its kind of like bathroom cleaner. So I was in this office meeting and both the women sitting on either side reacted to me. They were coming on to me with frivolous excuses to talk. After the meeting another woman seemed to get warm towards me. Within 45 seconds of our conversation, she was sad to see me leave” – says another.

There are other products from hax pheromones such as

  • Element X
  • Ladykiller
  • Wingman Black
  • Pherocide
  • C4 extreme
  • Black ops
  • Raw
  • Alien

The above products work equally great for building social status, attracting sexual attention, infusing confidence, setting the mood and so on. A single 10 ml bottle will last around 40-60 days depending on your usage. For better results, wear it everyday.

Does Hax Pheromones Actually Work – Hax Pheromones Customer Reviews

Let me just clear this for you. For any product to work, you need to have a positive mindset. With a negative mindset, nothing can be achieved. So make sure to set the attitude right. Hard to believe, but yes these tiny sexy pheromone bottles do work. There are thousands of men users who have tried on pheromone sprays and oils and achieved success as well.

The products have received 4.5 out of 5 to 5.0 out of 5 star ratings in various websites from actual users. Black Ops, Holy Grail (HG), Raw, X22 are few of the products that has received few good hits from male users. The product not only elevated the mood levels but also smells quite good. It actually urges people to move outside their zone and get to know people.

The only downside seen is the smell. Little to none users report that the smell is somewhat like a toilet cleaner. However it is not pungent so you can easily blend it with your favorite cologne to hide away the smell.

Pros – Hax pheromone sprays

  • available in different styles – oil and spray
  • excellent for social behavior, sexual intimacy and overall mood uplift
  • contains oxytocin, pheromone and copulins
  • one year money back guarantee
  • pheromone backed up studies available
  • made under FDA facility and complies with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) regulations
  • free shipping all around the globe

Cons – Hax pheromone sprays

  • bit pricey
  • slight weird smell noticed by few users (though can be covered by cologne)

Hax Pheroceuticals Special Offers

Hax pharmaceuticals offers you Hax bundles – multi bottle deals for you to set the challenge for yourself. All the products are eligible for FREE SHIPPING.

  • Buy Holy grail and blend with X22, M512 or C4 oil
  • Buy 2 supreme bottles and GET 1 bottle FREE
  • Buy 2 social or sexual bottle PLUS 1 supreme
  • Lab series 3-way choice of any 3 oil bottles

Hax Pheroceuticals Discount Codes And Coupon Codes

Hax pheromones discount and promo codes are available in various websites. It will help you to get a cut off on the price of a bottle. Make sure to check the expiry date before pasting the coupon code.

Hax Pheroceuticals Shipping And Returns

Hax pharmaceuticals offers you FREE SHIPPING for all products anywhere in USA. They also ship internationally extending the FREE SHIPPING offer to international customers as well. There are no hidden charges included. It also offers a one year money back guarantee. If at all you are not satisfied simply return the product and get your money completely reimbursed.

Hax pheromones FAQs

Will hax pheromones attract women?

Stating the obvious, creating an initial attraction is the first step to a relationship – be it perceived for a potential mate, just a casual fling or boosting the existing relationship. Result of pheromones are backed-up by many studies. But if you find it hard to believe, you always have the one year period to see for yourself.

Where to buy hax pheromones?

Click on the link above that will take you right to the official website of hax pheromones. You can order your desired spray from there.

How should I use hax pheromones?

With each and every order, you will receive a step-by-step instruction on how to go ahead with the product. The company directions along with guarantee for optimum results.

Will using hax pheromones with my cologne reduce the effects?

No, you can wear it with your favorite cologne. This will not reduce the effectiveness.

Are pheromones safe to use?

Absolutely. Till now there have been no pheromone side effects noted. The company manufactures all its products in a FDA registered facility that complies with GMP guidelines.

Does hax pheroceuticals provide any money back guarantee?

Yes, Hax pharmaceuticals provides an “Iron clad, 365 day, 100% money back guarantee”. You get the entire bottle to choose. If you do not see any improvement, then contact the customer service for complete refund.


Bottomline, if you are planning to try on pheromone spray, then Hax pheromone will provide it for you. The price is a bit expensive but its definitely worth a shot if it is working for you. You get a good trial period of one year to try out this product so your investment won’t go down the drain. The reviews say a lot about the genuinety of the company. There are no extra charges or hidden charges. Secure payment, immense positive response from male users, international availability, manufactured in FDA registered facility etc. are few of the things making the product a indefinite hit amongst the users.

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