Is it true that the Liquid Trust Spray is a pheromone?

Is it true that the Liquid Trust Spray is a pheromone?

Liquid Trust

The Liquid Trust Spray by Vero Labs has been called a pheromone. Is it really true? For this, we need to first know what a pheromone is. A pheromone is hormone ( as you probably guessed it). This hormone is a secreted chemical in the body that causes a social response among members of the same species. Pheromones have the power to work outside the body of the individual secreting it to produce similar effects on the receiving individual. Thus, it is a major factor in attracting members when it comes to food, sex and other social needs. The pheromones also act as alarms. They are used by even the basic life forms to attract food and mates and to give out danger alarms.

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do pheromones have oxytocin in them?

The Liquid Trust Spray Pheromones may not contain actual biological pheromones, but they do contain oxytocin which plays with emotions. The Liquid Trust Spray Pheromones act as more than just sexual attractants, it acts as a trust inducing factor. The Liquid Trust Spray Pheromones act as trust enhancing sprays and in causes significant differences in the way people interact with you on a normal scale. You will notice that people get more friendly when you use the Liquid Trust spray Pheromones.

Pheromones have been researched upon by numerous researches, some of them being Martha McClintock, Van Toller, Hummer, Cutler, etc and the result was much the same: the Human species (and many others for that matter) are more dependent on the sense of smell than they actually know. This exists male to female in sexual and mating interest even between the same gender in a protective and cognitive manner. The Liquid Trust spray Pheromones act in much the same way.

The Liquid Trust spray Pheromones helps in forming social bonds and also can help in many social disorders by enhancing the level of trust in the affected people and reducing other fears. The Liquid Trust spray Pheromones can be bought in ¼ ounce spray bottles and you can refrigerate them between uses.

Vero labs – Liquid trust spray Reviews

The Best reviews are those that are made on Social networks and Vero Labs Liquid Trust Spray Reviews on Twitter are quite famous. The so called ‘love hormone’ is now found in bottle also known as liquid trust spray patented by Vero labs. Let’s look at the review of how this product works.

Trust in a bottle for trusting people:

Alpha Dream Advanced Pheromone Technology

Trust is one of the most important factors in people, be it professional or personal. A kid’s hand in his mother’s while crossing a road is a matter of trust that she would never let him go.

Trust is one of the important factors in people’s life. If a person loses trust, it is end of a relationship. A trusting customer would give thousands of dollars to a banker on the basis of trust. ButVero labs has made a breakthrough by giving away “trust” on a bottle. But can you really build people’s trust just by spraying on them? It seems so….which is why the product is reaping profits from all over USA. Let’s take a look at how this trust spray pheromones works.

Liquid trust spray and its features:

The base ingredient of liquid trust spray pheromone is oxytocin which is combined with purified water and SD alcohol. It is basically odorless and can be combined with any perfume. It usually lasts from 2 to 4 hours.

If you have a big presentation to make or if you want to make a lasting impression on a date, then this trust spray works best for you. When you use it on yourself, it triggers a believing nod on others for you which works at your benefit.

If you are suffering from sweaty palms and lack some self-confidence, then this might work for you. When you use these pheromones you don’t feel the “need” to act the “confidence” part. It will come to you naturally when the people around you start trusting you.

This even works amazingly in relationships. If you think your partner doesn’t judge on your decisions, a dab of the trust spray will work wonders. You will find your partner respecting your judgments more than ever.

Recently, I heard something funny that some prospective politicians might even spray liquid trust spray pheromones on the crowd for getting major votes. 🙂 That’s the power of trust.


Liquid trust spray reviews:


There are many reviews in various websites about the vero labs Liquid trust. There are many who have benefited from liquid trust  pheromones. People who lack self confidence in personal as well as professional lives have found this product quite effective.


If experiences are to be believed, there are many who feel that building your self-confidence and gaining trust the old fashioned way is better. Liquid trust spray doesn’t do anything except vapor up in the air. It is impossible to work up trust or love in a bottle and sadly the world we love doesn’t work this way.

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