Liquid Trust: Amazing effects both mentally and physically

Liquid Trust: Amazing effects both mentally and physically

Liquid Trust

Liquid trust seems to be an impossible term. Trust is a natural feeling thats born between people or animals. It grows to continued interactions among the people or the animals. Today’s world is a skeptical world. It says trust is hard to create and easy to break. Also, the world discourages us from trusting our neighbours and be more and more self dependent. Well, all this sounds alright and possible in theory. The truth is, we humans are just not designed that way. We actually have the culprit, the liquid trust, inside us.

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Liquid trust is also known as Oxytocin (or the other way around). Oxytocin or liquid trust is a mammalian neurohypophysical hormone which is the main neuromodulator in our brains. The liquid trust or cytotoxic is secreted by the posterior pituitary gland. The main role played by the oxytocin or liquid trust is to create bonding among people. This involves mating, healthy relationships, the relationship between mothers and babies, breast feeding,orgasms, social groups and many more.

Oxytocin or liquid trust is responsible for the neuroanatomy of intimacy, especially in sexual reproduction, during and after child birth as well. Oxytocin also facilitates lactation after stimulation of the nipples after child birth which is a major part of the maternal bonding. The liquid trust also has a major effect on ethnocentric behavior which will improve the trust and better acceptance of outsiders into new groups. There is also evidence that the oxytocin or liquid trust can cause genetic diseases when in shortage causing aggressive behavior, etc.


Oxytocin or the liquid trust is one among the peptides of the nine amino acids (nanopeptide). Oxytocin and vasopressin (another nanopeptide) are the two hormones produced by the posterior pituitary glands that can act at a distance and also locally. They act as neuroendocrine hormones and are excitable. The oxytocin or liquid trust has action potential.

The actions controlled by the oxytocin or liquid trust involves the letdown reflex (during lactation), uterine contraction (during child birth), social behavior, wound healing, depression removal, stress relief, etc. Miraculously, we can now get this liquid trust for our use outside of our own bodies and this externally used liquid trust can have all the same effects as our naturally produced hormones.

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