Liquid Trust Enhanced

Liquid Trust Enhanced

Liquid Trust

Verolabs Liquid trust enhanced is another product from the goodie bag of vero labs which is designed only for men unlike the original liquid trust spray.

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The Liquid trust enhanced comes with additional component i.e. the pheromones known as androstenone and androsterone. It is found in both men and women and is released by the sweat glands in your body. The pheromones (the body scent) helps in creating a mutual attraction between men and women. It has also shown that it can help in ovulation cycles in women.

A factor to be noted is that when you take a shower or use cologne or perfume, you reduce the effect of your natural scent.

Liquid trust enhanced is one of its kind and does not promote any nasal sprays like many in the market. It is absolutely odorless, does not conflict with any aerosol sprays and hence can be easily used with perfumes or colognes.

Liquid trust enhanced comes in an ounce bottle and once sprayed usually lasts up to four hours. The bottle, however, will last for two months if used as per the correct dosage. It is recommended not to use more as it might trigger a chemical odor from your body. Also the androstenone is an aggressive pheromone that will trigger the dominant nature which will make you come out very volatile. Only four things can happen in this case, (1) attract people of the same gender [trust me, you don’t want that], (2) not have any affect at all or (3) suffer from headaches (4) make you look like a wolf trying to devour the deer, which will definitely fail you in front of women.

Liquid trust enhanced spray also helps the users in their social phobias such as interaction, fear, anxiety etc. You will definitely feel the improvement in your self-confidence, public speaking etc. and many more that will work out for your best.

Vero labs guarantees that if you ever find Liquid trust enhanced not up to your expectations, you can return the product within 60 days from the date of purchase and get your money back.

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All in all, I feel there is nothing wrong in trying out liquid trust enhanced spray provided you choose the trial pack of ¼ ounce to know how exactly the product works.

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