Liquid trust pheromones

Liquid trust pheromones

Love Scent

Love scent is one of the first company to manufacture and sell scented/unscented pheromone scents for men and women. Pheromones work differently for men and women in different ways as well.

VeroLabs Liquid trust enhanced spray contains pheromones popularly known as Liquid trust , that is a relatively new product from vero labs especially designed for men that helps you to grow healthy in your current relationship.

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What is a Liquid trust pheromone?

Pheromone is often found in humans that is released from your sweat glands. Pheromones releases both androsterone and androstenone that helps you in producing natural scent in both men and women. The natural scent often becomes an ‘attracting factor’ between two people.

Liquid trust pheromones enhanced spray:

Unlike the original formula, liquid trust spray that contains only oxytocin, the liquid trust enhanced spray from Vero Labs contains additional ingredient known as ‘pheromones’ that is to help people improve their relationship.

An interesting fact to be noted is that liquid trust pheromones also works in your favor by increasing your self-confidence by eliminating the apprehensive feeling in you while on a date.

The liquid trust pheromone when sprayed easily mixes with the air. When people inhale, they get an instinctive trustworthy feeling towards you. This product is designed especially for men. Just spray once or twice on your shirt before a prominent date. Do not overuse the spray as it the pheromone androstenone is potentially aggressive due to its dominating nature. If you over use this product, it may lead to any of the four things, (1) release a foul odor, (2) attract the person of the same sex, (3) headaches due to the chemical release, (4) or present you as an volatile person which is a no – no when you appear in front of your date.

It contains many ingredients such as purified water and SD alcohol which makes it easy and effective for use. You can use it with your favorite deodorants or colognes as the product is absolutely odorless.

Alpha Dream Advanced Pheromone Technology

If you are planning to try out liquid trust pheromones spray from Vero labs, use the ¼ ounce bottle of oxytocin (original formula) just to get an idea of how the stuff actually works for you.

Do note that the product from Vero labs has no scientific evidence that it actually works apart from user reviews that are available in a lot of websites. Give it a try if you feel there is something needed apart from the good ol’ trust.

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VeroLabs Liquid Trust Ingredients

Created by verolabs, Vero Labs liquid trust (liquidtrust) includes ingredients like oxytocin, pheromones, and SD alcohol that are prepared after a thorough scientific discovery to help you get the trust that you crave from people when everything seems futile.

Vero labs has delivered two different products (1) liquid trust spray (the original formula) and (2) the enhanced liquid trust spray. Though both are designed only for men, the original liquid trust spray can be used by women though in smaller proportions. Both the products contains the base ingredient, oxytocin along with purified water and SD alcohol. Here are some of the details of the liquid trust ingredients and how they work.

Verolabs Oxytocin:

One of the main ingredient of liquid trust is oxytocin which is a hormone that is found in mammals that plays a role in various behaviors of humans such as anxiety, trust, kiss, hugging and other emotions. It is often considered a mood developer due to the fact that the levels of oxytocin determines the mood we are in. For example: if we feel happy, the levels of oxytocin is on a high and when we feel low, the oxytocin level falls. In other words, oxytocin raises the level of a person’s willingness to approach people.

Liquid trust ingredients – Purified water:

The name says it all. Purified water is another ingredient of liquid trust and is used to remove the contaminants of water so as to prevent any allergic reactions in your body. Just like any other products, a body spray needs water for an effective spray. Vero labs follows all the regulation of purification process to ensure health water void of any allergens.

Liquid trust SD alcohol:

One of the most common ingredients of skin care, SD alcohol is simply drinking alcohol that are found in beer or wine. SD stands for ‘specially denatured’. A special chemical known as ethyl alcohol is used to make it unfit for drinking and is used for majority of cosmetic products. Why vero labs include SD alcohol is to provide a quick drying finish so that your skin feels weightless.

Liquid trust Pheromones (Androsterone and Androstenone):

Pheromones occurs naturally in a body via sweat glands that triggers responses from the opposite sex. It is usually said to increase the sexual attractiveness of a person. A recent study showed that pheromones often helps in a woman’s ovulation cycle.

Pheromones is one of the ingredients in the enhanced liquid trust spray and contains two chemicals known as androsterone and androstenone which benefits a human body by inducing natural scent in them. While it attracts people, the chemical androstenone is quite an aggressive one and is required to use in minimal.

Now you know what’s the secret behind your liquid trust spray from vero labs. When you use Liquid trust spray, the people that are in close proximity with you will feel a natural trust in you and respect your opinions. It also helps in boosting your self-confidence and the fear of interacting socially. Always keep in mind that trust is the key to power.

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Autism and Verolabs Liquid trust

The Liquid Trust Spray, an innovative new product from Verolabs has promised things that have been unheard of, for example, they claim to positively affect Autism. In addition to promising a trusting and more productive environment around the person who uses the Liquid Trust Spray, it also claims to have beneficial effects on some disorders like Autism.

Autism is a neural development disorder that can cause impaired social interaction, non verbal communication, restricted and repeting behavior. Autism usually becomes apparent in children around the age of three. Autism affects the processing of new information in the brain making the child very irresponsive and socially backwards. Oxytocin present in the Liquid Trust Spray can have major effects on those portions of the brain that process the social interaction and information in kids.

What the Liquid Trust Spray from Verolabs does is it increases trust, reduces fear and improves emotional recognition in people. This is exactly what children affected with autism need. Oxytocin dosages have been used before in the corrective treatment for Autism. Nasal inhalers of Oxytocin are available and even the Liquid Trust Spray from Verolabs have the same contents though it has not been used with conclusive proof yet.

If the Liquid Trust Spray from Verolabs can be proved to have similar effects on Autism, it’s numerous uses will be redoubled. The liquid Trust Spray contains very harmless ingredients. The main, active ingredient is the oxytocin hormone. The other passive ingredients are water and rubbing alcohol. Oxytocin has been used as experimental treatment for Autism and it has been found that the children have better eye contact with their parents, better responsiveness, warmth in behavior, better speech, positive body language and better recognition of facial and other emotions.

The Liquid Trust spray from Verolabs will improve the approach-ability of the person using the spray. This means that when near a person with Autism, the use of this Liquid Trust spray from Verolabs will improve their behavior around you. You will seem more trustworthy and comfortable. This will help the Autism affected children shed their protective characteral barriers and will let you get more intimate with them.

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