Love scent – Pure Pheromone, Pheromone Perfumes & Colognes

Love scent – Pure Pheromone, Pheromone Perfumes & Colognes

Love Scent

Love scent is one of the first company to manufacture and sell scented/unscented pheromone scents for men and women. Pheromones work differently for men and women in different ways as well.

Love scent is one of the first company to manufacture and sell scented/unscented pheromone scents for men and women. Pheromones work differently for men and women in different ways as well. Read on to know more about it.

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In this guide, you will find everything you need to know about

  • What is androstenone, pheromones and how does it work
  • What is
  • Phero X pheromone spray
  • Essence of a woman pheromone spray
  • Other products of Love Scent
  • Side effects of using androstenone love scent pheromone
  • Love scent reviews
  • Love scent coupon codes and discount codes
  • Love scent shipping and returns
  • Phero x vs pheromax vs flaming desire
  • love scent vs androtics direct
  • Love scent FAQ

What Is Androstenone, Pheromones And How Does It Work?

Buy androstenone pheromone sprays online that has myriad effects on body. Androstenone is a pheromone that is found in both men and women. In fact high concentrate of androstenone can be noticed in sweat and urine. Surprisingly, the smell of androstenone can be pungent like sweat, urine or sweet such as floral. However majority of the population are unable to detect the presence.

In recent times, androstenone pheromone are used by many perfume and cologne companies to manufacture sprays that will help in rebuilding a broken relationship, finding a potential mate not to mention boosting a person’s confidence and self-esteem. Androstenone effects supposedly helps people in becoming more social i.e. getting out their cocoon and becoming more open.

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Increase androstenone naturally by taking care of your body such as watching what you eat, having good workout that releases fresh doses of androstenone in humans.

Some of the best androstenone and androstenol foods include

  • Carrots
  • Tomatoes
  • Cup of Joe
  • Fish
  • Serrano chillis
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Watermelon
  • Celery

Androstenone functions by improving the blood circulation to your wee-wees and hoo-hoos. Zap up your sex life with pheromone perfumes and a healthy dietary regime that will keep your partner wanting for more.

Alpha Dream Advanced Pheromone Technology

Using Androstenone And Androstenol Pheromones To Attract Women

When men produce sweat, the chemical component makes them attractive when women get a whiff of it. In fact lot of women claim that it smells quite sweet. This turn to an opportunity for both the parties. Another feature is it also makes the guy less threatening. It makes women more approachable to them taking it as a friendly personality sign.

Androstenol is not as same as androstenone. Androstenol is produced by male sweat after it is exposed to oxygen. It is less fresh than androstenone and lasts only for fifteen minutes.

Androstenone, however, is an unpleasant smell that women find it unattractive. In fact it can trigger aggressive behavior and nervousness for both men and women.

While androstenol is a friendly sign, androstenone suggests a dominant personality (macho pheromone). To be honest, androstenone is the prominent odor than androstenol.

Though used by many pheromone companies to initiate healthy relationships, there are only handful of research conducted.

Difference In Androstenone, Androsterone And Androsterol

The pheromones androstenone, androsterone and androsterol are all secreted by men and women. However, there are key differences here and there. For instance, androstenone (usually found in sweat) comes with a foul odor that is found repelling to women.

Androsterol is found sweet in women and is quickly released when men sweat. However, it lasts for only 15 minutes and becomes dormant with the overpowering androstenone.

So what exactly does androstenone do? Androsterone is a similar by-product of human body found in skin, hair, urine etc. It is described to have a musky odor quite similar to androstenol. They are detected by the nose and brain. Only 10% of men release necessary amounts of androsterone that can bring about a sex appeal.

Androstenone has many benefits. They perform peak on women who are on their ovulation phase making men irresistable to them. Few men generate pure pheromones than others. This is why you can see that guys who are not that handsome charm their way in seducing even the most gorgeous girls.

Does Androstenone Really Work?

With many androstenone for sale in market, chances are thin that they won’t work for you. Many companies such as love-scent delivers you pure level of pheromone hormones that have best benefits for you.

  • Helps in building your social chart
  • developing self confidence
  • helps people break the ice and indulge in friendly chat
  • assists in finding you a potential mate
  • motivates you to grow in personal and professional life

Androstenone Side Effects

Androstenone reviews claim that though its rare and needs real studies, it does have certain adverse effects when use for prolonged period. It is noted that men may experience lethargy, depression, anxiety, including at times a sense of “impending doom”. It is hence necessary to try it out at low doses before pouncing on the bottle of pheromones.

What Is

A true USA product, love scent brings concentrated pheromone products for both men and women. Use pheromone sprays, cologne, perfume from prominent brands to infuse confident and vitality.

With love scent pheromones, you will notice that you need not try that hard to being social. Be it first day at work or your first date, you will notice that people are becoming more trustworthy right from the start. This is a great ice breaker that helps you to become more social without feeling a bit out of the place.

The company, love scent, has immense faith in their product. There are free samples as well that help you to get a broader perspective of how the product works. You can then go with the whole purchase once you notice visible results.

Read on to know more about how love scent and their products works for you.

Phero X Cologne From Love Scent

The pheromone colognes or sprays contains high concentrated level of androstenone. When you use pheromone sprays on body you will notice that women are attracted to men or viceversa like a moth to a flame.

Phero-X contains original pheromone hormones that are to boost the science of attraction. A powerful pheromone cologne, Phero-X comes with 10 different pheromone ingredients that help you to attract others and take control of your life.

The key ingredients include Androstadienone, Androstenol, Androstenone, Estratetraenol and few more. When blended together, it will help you to come out of your cocoon and make things happen. Simply dab it on the morning post shower and let it do the rest.

The ingredients of phero x is blended in such a way that people will find you much more attractive and naturally charming. If you are in the marketing field, you will find yourself eloquent and charismatic so that you not only build a rapport with your client but also support in growing in career front.

This is just one story. If you are planning on finding a potential partner for life, then social parties are the best way to find your better half. With phero x from love scent, you are half way there.

Phero x Review

Many people ask if Phero x is effective? Is it fake? The reviews say a lot about the experience. I understand nothing beats self-experience. But then there are many users looking for phero x testimonials and reviews. Be it good or bad, it will help others get a clear perspective before clicking the ‘buy’ button.

Phero x reviews say that the product works fine without any side effects. However, I must say follow the instructions and do not go overboard. One user noted the tendency to being a “motormouth” without shutting up. He applied more than necessary and found himself blabbering without making any sense.

If you want to be active in social arena but are coy to open up, then phero-x will motivate you.

The only downside in phero-x is the fragrance that feels kind of chemical, says one user.

“I have ordered many products from love scent and liked them too. This phero x is however the worst. The smell is too strong and pungent. If you like woman’s perfume circa 1970 then you will like this. One drop and you will wear a nose plug. Its just too heavy and sick sweet.” – Sean

“The scent is pretty strong. I remember when I wear this, many women talk to me in the best mood possible even if it is for nothing. They have questions to ask which is quite silly. I switched perfumes but then if I had to keep the chemistry going on, perfumes don’t work. I changed back to phero x and voila things are great. Love it.” – Megat

There are official phero x forum online where you can join in the discussion and ask any query in mind.

To sum it up, phero x is one of the top products of Phero x as it is preferred by many men who want to enjoy a social outing every now and then whilst they look out for “other benefits” in the pheromone.

Essence Of A Woman From Love Scent

Infusing the blend of pheromones with copulins, essence of a woman is simply an amazing sex pheromone device in the market. This product from love scent is intense and carries high concentration of real copulins. Simply take a whiff and you will notice what it is all about.

Rightly quoted, ‘Essence of a woman’, the product helps you to achieve success in everyday life be it professional, personal or social life. The key ingredient is undoubtedly copulins. Copulins is basically a group of fatty acids that happen in the vaginal secretions.

Copulins have the power to change themselves during women’s menstrual cycle, ovulation and pregnancy period. They can be pungent at times and coincide with the ‘in heat’ process in animals.

When a man gets a whiff of the copulins his testosterone level rises. The result he secretes androstenone. Studies show that copulin can have mind altering effects on male’s brain. If the man gets exposed to woman’s copulins, over a period of time, she will be able to control him. Instances include –

  • change, remove or even insert any memory
  • put in thoughts subconsciously by which it will seem as “his own ideas”
  • implant actions or words as well that can provoke sensations or thoughts at future dates.

Though copulins can enter a man’s body only via sex, copulins blended with pheromones tend to work in boosting the women’s capacity to attract men thereby assisting them to take the lead in a relationship.

Try ‘essence of a woman’ to exude a strong, confident women that every men will crave for. Essence of a woman is available in a 7 5ml pheromone bottle.

There are many essence of a woman pheromones reviews that say quite a lot about the difference users have felt. One user claims that her husband never leaves her side after using copulin rich essence of a woman. She went on to claim that when browsing a mall many men tried to hit on her which was quite a new experience for her.

Essence Of A Woman Consumer Reviews

The smell of essence of a woman perfume is certainly talked about. Though the product works great, the smell is a bit strong. This is because love scent uses real copulins unlike many products that claim to be copulin but all scenty and fake.

That being said, the essence of a woman reviews continue with many women users claiming that they felt their mood being positive and upbeat after trying on essence of a woman.

“Alright, essence of a woman from love scent does stink. It appears different to different people. It all comes down to how olfactory systems work. The smell is always unpleasant and women are repelled by it. But then it does what it has been made for. It definitely makes me a sex magnet”. – She Nose It.

“My boyfriend goes crazy when I put it on. He is in a good mood. The smell is quite strong so you need to use only a tad bit”. – Krislyn

How To Use Essence Of A Woman Pheromone

Simply dab the necessary amount (as mentioned) and wear it on your skin after shower. You can use it when you have your special date as well. Blend it with your favorite perfume to underplay the smell of essence of a woman pheromone perfume.

Other Products Of Love Scent

There are many other products of Love scent that has received excellent reviews from both men and women users. Love scent offers scented, unscented and pure perfumes for your comfort. You can choose the one that suits your style.

In fact, they also offer Liquid Trust pheromone spray that has been in the pheromone market for a while now.

Let’s take a dig at few of the prominent products of love scent.

Liquid Trust Pheromone Spray

With more than 4.9 out of 5 star ratings, liquid trust pheromone spray is one of the most established brand that offers straight out results once you use them.

Liquid trust from love scent contains special blend of hormones that is not found in many pheromone products. Studies conducted showed that using pheromones infused in liquid trust not only help in gaining trust of others but also help in boosting one’s own self-confidence. It assists in self motivation that will urge people to feel more positive towards you.

“I tried liquid trust. Never thought it would work, but it did. People are more friendly and keep talking to me. Helped a lot”. – Dan

“Great product. Makes me feel more confident in social situations. It also keeps people around me feel more comfy while using liquid trust.” – Morgan

Chikara Pheromone Cologne For Men

The new and improved version of chikara pheromone cologne for men is a scented pheromone cologne. A quick shower and with your favorite cologne can melt the heart of even a stone cold woman..(bit exaggerating, of course!!!)

It uses the key pheromones – androstenone, androstenol and androsterone. These three sex pheromones makes Chikara one among the top selling pheromone colognes. With a blend of seven highly potent ingredients, Chikara pheromone is not just a sex pheromone. In fact, it will take your confidence to a whole new level.

If you are one of those who barely have the time to date and “have fun”, then Chikara pheromone cologne is best advised for you. Take a troll of club or bar where you can meet women. Leave the rest to Chikara to deliver an unbelievable experience for you.

The product has received excellent reviews from men who have been successful post Chikara. Of course there are few users who say that the product just don’t work at all. Nevertheless, the reviews lean on the positive side.

Chris – “I am a first time buyer of chikara or any pheromone related products. Not only do I love the scent of chikara but my first night out proved that pheromones actually work. In fact, it also attracts lots of younger girls. I recommend this product to everyone and for the fact that the smell is pleasant makes the cologne worth a try.”

Jose – “Chikara is fairly a new product and I am still on the testing phase. I have tried this product on several occasions. I have received some good reactions. This product seem to attract women of all ages (including teenagers). Girls are more open and pay attention to you more than usual. I haven’t yet had a sexual hit but one woman was eyeing me at the bar while her boyfriend was strolling behind her.”

New! Fab 4 Chem Sets

This is one of the top selling products of love scent and is currently out of stock. This chem pack comes with 4 key pheromones in its purest form. This 5ml bottles of these pheromones come with potent concentration of 1mg dry weight pure pheromones per 1ml of liquid.

The chem pack includes the 4 major ingredients that play an essential role in building relationships and other adventures such as

  • Androstadienone
  • Androstenol
  • Androstenone
  • Androsterone

While androstenone delivers sexual dominance and attraction, androsterone helps the user to give an air of authority that demands attention from both the genders in social atmosphere. Androsterone is also known to boost the confidence levels in people. It can make the person more at ease and calm while boosting their confidence level. NOTE that using too much of pheromones are not going to give you extra benefits. In fact, things could turn ugly and you might end up repelling people than befriending them.

“This is serious concentrated stuff and not at all for the beginner. A great value for your money, I have had it only for couple of days. I have diluted 1 ml to 7ml of carrier and fixative. I am experimenting with how much of dosage I must use. I have tried only with three bottles and already have received visible results from them.” – Mr. Gone

“Really nice and budget friendly product to experiment it. Do your own research on how to dosage. Or just make your own unique kind of potion to play the game. Remember to be careful because they are very concentrated and hard to dosage.” – Eric

Pheromone Samples And FREE Sample Packs And Supplies

Love scent gives away samples for those who are new in the pheromone arena. They are available at a cheap price (as low as $20). Try out the samples and check which is better suited for you. They will give you a much better outlook of changes both in your personal and professional life.

NOTE Love scent also offers FREE SAMPLES FOR YOU. However, you need to bear a small shipping charge for the sample to be delivered.

The company also provides supplies such as roll-on glass bottles, pocket atomizers etc. at an affordable rate so that you never run out of your pheromone.

Side Effects Of Using Androstenone Love Scent Pheromone

Too much of anything is bad. For those who go over the recommended dose, pheromones can make things ugly. When you use a androstenone pheromone formula it is usually by the company to try it on on a smaller doses. Too much dose can make you go into a sober mood. You might feel lethargic, sad or enter depression. At times it can put you into a hyperactive mode making you ramble on and on incessantly.

The manufacturers are well aware of this fact. This is why they keep a control on the androstenone and other molecules. Few users who are already depressed will not feel down. However, men with high testosterone levels feel very much affected.

But majority of the people feel that the only side effect they feel is positive. If you are one of them, go bananas!!!

Love Scent – Real Customer Reviews

Overall, the products of love scent have received mixed reviews from users. A general consensus states the pheromones scent and colognes work effectively without any side effects.

They have noticed that people are approaching them easily with a bond of subconscious trust. It has helped many users in mending their breaking relationships. Be it a married couple or in a relationship, love scent pheromones have worked amazingly in building the trust helping them to fall in love all over again.

The downsides are only couple of them. First is the price. Certain products are too costly to be used regularly. While the first time it might fly sparks, every day use is certainly not an easy thing as the price is just too expensive.

Second is the side effect. As quoted above, side effects are minimal and not dangerous. However they do occur. But that is when you are exposed to too much of pheromone. It is vital to use pheromones at a limited amount as per the dosage.

Overall, it is evident that pheromones do work. They are not hypothetical and actually has helped many people to build themselves socially while supporting them in finding their potential mate.

Here are few of the pheromone reviews FYI.

“Excellent delivery service. I ordered it during Christmas. The product and customer support is fantastic. Will definitely come back for more”. – Wira Bin Md

“I love using the edge for women which comes with perception packets. They work efficiently and frankly are quite easy to carry as well.” – Jd

“I have finally used the EDGE. I had it on reserve. I absolutely love the reaction I get from the opposite sex. They make it a point to move closer to you. Just a sniff and next thing you know they are laying their head on your shoulders. A few good words and the seduction is on.” – Ien

“I purchased this. It was not easy using it as people say. The smell is just strong though I used very little of it. I noticed no effect as claimed. I do not recommend it. It just sits around. You might try hint of other scents toward off this pungent smell.” – Chantel

Love Scent Coupon Codes And Discount Codes

There are Love scent pheromone discount coupons, promo codes available online in various websites. It will help you to get a good deal on the love scent perfume price. Just paste the coupon code and find the said percentage deducted from the total price.

Love Scent Shipping And Returns

Love scent do not offer free shipping. They charge a certain amount that you need to pay along with the order.

Love scent pheromones perfumes and colognes comes with 60 day return policy. Use this product for few days. If you don’t feel satisfied with the product, return the remaining portion. You will be reimbursed with a full refund on the product, no questions asked.

Love Scent Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer Alpha 7 unscented pheromones at love scent?

Yes, Alpha 7 is available in both scented and unscented types. Choose the one you deem fit.

Is essence of a woman pheromone available in UK?

Since the products of love scent are shipped internationally, essence of a woman can be delivered in UK and other countries.

Are androstenone pheromone concentrate available on ebay at wholesale price?

Yes, androstenone pheromones are available on ebay and other sites at a wholesale price.

Are love scent products available in amazon?

Yes, Love scent has joined hands with amazon and all their products are available at amazon as well.

How should I use pheromone additive from love scent?

Simply use 2-3 drops directly to your shirt or clothes. You can blend it with 25ml equal to your perfume or cologne as well.

Does have forums?

Yes, but you need to sign to view the pheromone forum and join a thread.

Is essence of a woman available in amazon?

Yes, all the products of love scent including essence of a woman is available in amazon.

Does love scent actually work?

There are myriad products from love scent that work. All the pheromone products come with high quality pure pheromones and copulins that work in delivering you promising results.

How are the reviews for androstadienone products in love-scent?

The products with androstadienone pheromone have received good reviews from users. People note almost immediate attraction and positive vibes after usage of androstadienone pheromone. The pheromone – androstadienone is sold separately by love scent.

Phero-X Vs Pheromax Vs Flaming Desire


Phero-x is a product from love scent that comes with true quality pure hormone. Manufactured in russia, they come with 10 pheromone ingredients that are confident, active and help you to attract others in social atmosphere.

They come in tiny 5 ml bottle at The price is a bit expensive since it contains high concentration of pheromones that actually work. They do not contain any fragrances so you can be sure that the ingredients are not mixed and are highly potent.

The product comes with 60 day return policy so you can be sure your money is not going down the toilet.


Pheromax is available in many sites such as amazon, love scent etc. at a budget friendly price. They are basically pheromone spray that can be used everyday or on special occasions. It comes from Germany and offers you unscented pheromone that can be blended with your favorite cologne or perfume. It comes with 3mg of androstenone and 2mg of androstenol.

Flaming desire

Flaming desire is a pheromone perfume to attract the opposite sex. Flaming desire is used to increase the libido in both you and potential mater. Be it marriage or friendship, flaming desire comes with pheromones that boosts your libido. It also helps in increasing the confidence level making you target of many women.

The product has received decent reviews from users. However the product is available in and around Malaysia only.

Love Scent Vs Androtics Direct

Love scent

Love scent is an online retailer that offers you pure quality pheromones from various brands. The company has been in the pheromone market for quite a while and has received excellent reviews from users. The customer support is fantastic. The company has an actual location which takes the pain of having second thoughts to rely an online website without any brick and mortar address.

Shipping internationally as well, offers you high quality pheromones as free samples as well. All you have to do is pay the shipping charges. The company also offers a 60 day return policy on pheromone spray orders. If at all you are not happy, return them within 60 days from the date of purchase. You will be refunded accordingly without full amount, hassle free.

Androtics direct

Androtics direct offers you essential pheromone oils, sprays and perfumes that will help you find your potential mate. Of course, if you want to boost your confidence level, there are colognes and specials that will motivate you to become charming and articulate.

The online retailer also offers you the liberty to customize the pheromone addition based on your taste. This will give you the edge of having a predominant pheromone in hand whenever situation demands. Choose the fragrance, product you would like to add and the fragrance strength…and voila, you have your own customized pheromone spray.

Androtics direct offers you 200% money back guarantee. They give you 365 days time to check out how the products work. If you do not see any positive reactions, send the empty bottles along with a feedback of atleast 7 occasions when the product didnt work. Androtics direct will double the money and pay it back, no questions asked.


The final verdict! Love scent is a genuine website with a proper location and address. The customer support is always there to help you out be it telephone or via email. If you have any queries they are always willing to help you. The shipping and delivery is fantastic and been loved by many customers.

However, I feel obliged to say that for any product to work, you need a good attitude. With a bad mindset, nothing will work. Pheromones from love scent are genuine and does work. It’s your call if you want to carve a nitch on your mate’s heart or just want to be another guy/girl.

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