True Pheromones To Attract Your Sex Partner

True Pheromones To Attract Your Sex Partner

True Pheromones

The true pheromones for men line come with a range of pheromone perfumes to make sure that you never spend another Friday night alone. True Pheromone perfumes make it easy for you to approach women.

Pheromone perfumes are effective for both men and women. Be it any social occasion, you can try pheromone perfumes to turn yourself into the person you need to be. True pheromone is one such online pheromone perfume sellers. They offer the most effective pheromones perfumes to make you easily approachable. Moreover their case studies have proven it.

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But before we move on to the case studies and other details, here’s what you shall be seeing in this article.

  • True pheromones
  • How True pheromones work
  • True Pheromone results
  • True pheromone perfumes
  • True Pheromone perfumes for men
  • True pheromone perfumes for women
  • True pheromone reviews
  • True pheromone discount coupon codes
  • True pheromone FAQ

True Pheromones – Company Profile

For all men and women, who want to spice up their sex life, here comes True pheromones body sprays. Many people wonder what actually a pheromone perfume is. This isn’t some wide-eyed theory. It’s just simple rocket science. Pheromones work in the most important social situations. The case studies prove that pheromones can actually bring him/her closer to you. While True Pheromones advertising seems a bit exaggerated and over hyped, they still do provide affordable, effective products. You know how? Check here

  • Andostenol in the right Alpha and Beta formulation makes you naturally approachable.
  • When True pheromones are used correctly and applied in any situation, they help women feel more naturally protected by your presence.
  • Men emitting high levels of Androsterone are seen in nature as the alpha male, dominant, respected and irresistible.
  • Androstadienone enhances social openness in women. This helps men to start conversations with women naturally.
  • Copulin pheromones are released in women when they ovulate. This enhances sexual appeal and pheromone power in both genders.
  • The female pheromone Oxytocin is released after childbirth. It creates a lasting bond between couples both emotionally and psychologically.
  • Estratetraenol encourages deeper communication in men, allowing them to communicate with their true emotions.
  • Experts review suggests that women wearing Methoxyestratetraenone generates up to 4 times more attention from men.

Pheromone Results – Does True Pheromones Work?

We have heard of an old saying “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” but today, things have changed with advancement in technology. These days, the way to a man’s heart is through his nose. That’s because of the pheromones.

Pheromones are chemical substances released by mammals and others. Pheromones work to influence the behaviors and physiology of other members of the same species. It helps to attract the opposite sex through smell or physical contact.

Even though the marketing strategies and advertising of True Pheromones are a little exaggerated, they do provide good quality perfumes. Their all-time popular products like True Love, True Instinct, True Alpha, True Jerk and few others have got great results. The difference between True pheromones and vendors like Liquid Alchemy Labs is that they are purely into the business for money. True Pheromones are also, a cheaper alternative to Androtics Direct products.

When searching for a pheromone solution, there are certain things you need to look into.

  • Specific stimuli creates specific emotional, psychological and sexual responses.
  • You can’t throw 12 different pheromones in a bottle in a random combination and call it a sexual arousal tool.
  • Overdose of pheromone can cause negative results.
  • You can actually match the reaction you create within humans to fit your specific needs.

There’s a reason why pheromones only work for some of the time and for some people and not others. It is because; there are very few universal solutions in the pheromone world, that too with the right combination. Pheromones if taken in overdose or taken in the wrong combination can cause negative reactions.

Alpha Dream Advanced Pheromone Technology

True Pheromone Perfumes

True pheromones don’t have the most advanced formulas but they do sell some effective perfumes and body sprays. There are true pheromones for both men and women. The following list includes perfumes for both. The detail of each perfume shall be seen in the coming paragraphs. Some of the best True pheromone products include;

  • True pheromones true love
  • True pheromones true instinct
  • True pheromones true opener
  • True pheromones true communication
  • True pheromones true essence
  • True pheromones true trust
  • True pheromones true alpha
  • True pheromones true jerk
  • True pheromones true charisma
  • True pheromones true radiance

True Pheromones For Men

The true pheromones for men line come with a range of pheromone perfumes to make sure that you never spend another Friday night alone. True Pheromone perfumes make it easy for you to approach women. If you want to make yourself irresistible to women, buy these top selling True pheromone perfumes for men

  • The Gilroy perfume pheromone patch
  • True alpha body spray
  • True pheromone True Charisma
  • True pheromone True communication
  • True Pheromone True Essence
  • True pheromone True instinct
  • True jerk mens pheromone
  • True love true pheromone
  • True radiance pheromone perfume
  • True pheromone True Trust

The Gilroy Perfume – Pheromone Perfume For Men

The gilroy perfume by True Pheromones is a popular pheromone perfume for men. The manufacturers have combined two popular and effective pheromones into a single patch for easy and quick application. This resembles the scene of “The Gilroy” pheromone path in Ocean’s 13. With the gilroy pheromone perfume, you can immediately make women completely comfortable around you.

The Gilroy perfume contains 1,000 mcg of Alpha and Beta Androsterone. This makes others feel safe around you. The Gilroy perfume for men creates sexual energy and attractiveness.

Benefits Of The Gilroy Perfume

  • The Gilroy pheromone perfume will create an immediate social connection
  • It provides open communication and get others to start conversations quickly.
  • Communicate sexual engagement without taking action.
  • Gilroy perfume will help you surround yourself with an aura of safety, protection and reliability.

True Alpha Body Spray

True Alpha from True Pheromones is an ultimate combination of effective pheromones. The True Alpha body spray promotes social response and sexual excitement in women. With True Alpha pheromone perfume, the company has removed all of the filler pheromones that other products contain. True Alpha is a light attractive product, with which the young women go crazy over. True Alpha is perfect to use on the workplace, bars and party environments.

Benefits Of True Alpha Pheromone Perfume

  • Using True Alpha body spray will make women crave for and other men respect you.
  • With True Alpha, you can show off your dominance, masculinity and power in social gatherings.
  • You will feel more easy and comfortable to approach women. Crate conversations that make women feel like you are already in their social circle.
  • True Alpha will immediately elevate her mood levels and make her feel that you are so closely connected to her, even without taking any action.

True Charisma Pheromone Perfumes

True Charisma from True Pheromones will help you gain back the confidence in you. Women love confident men. With True Charisma, you don’t need to change a single thing about yourself, to impress others. You get an attitude of comforting communication and an aura of trustworthiness with True Pheromone True Charisma perfumes. The perfume comes with the right blend of high potency androstadienone and androsterone. True Charisma is one of the smoothest pheromone perfumes in the True pheromone perfume series. After using True Charisma, you will feel like a personable, relatable kind of guy. As the name suggests. True Charisma body spary will make you charming and easy-to-talk guy.

True Pheromone True Communication

True communication from True Pheromones is a cool way to get women to start talking to you. Women feel more comfortable in talking with you. Research proves that you can measure the success of a relationship based on how well men communicate. True Communication is the key to clear conversations. She opens up and tells you everything. No more worries to be a mind reader.

True Pheromone True Essence

True Essence contains 1005 copulin pheromones that when combines with other pheromones create powerful signals. Signals that tell women to have sex. Copulins are actually female hormone that gets secreted into the vagina. When men smells this, it increases testosterone by up to 150%. When a man has traces of copulins on him, women can detect that you are sexually active.

True Pheromone True Instinct

True Instinct True Pheromone perfume is designed as a sexual attraction product. It is perfectly useful for younger women. The perfume has very smooth self effects and makes you feel like you are an animal stalker. Women would find you attractive. There is a clear reason why True Instinct Pheromones is the best selling pheromone formula. It’s sex. True Instinct transforms you into the guy that all women will crave for. True Instinct will create an aura of confidence around you. Other men will instantly respect you. Women will feel like they want to sleep with you. In short, you will generate more attraction than you have ever experienced.

True Jerk Pheromone Perfume For Men

True Jerk is the bad boy formula from the True Pheromone product line. It contains a sexually aggressive pheromone (androstenone) and a small hint of copulins. When using True Jerk, you must maintain a dominant sexual aura. It attracts certain women, the hotter ones. The True Jerk combines the power of androstenone with 100% pure copulin pheromones.

True Love True Pheromone Perfumes

True Love pheromone perfumes have those three elements that every women in a relationship wants. With True Love, you get a proven combination of pheromones designed specifically to create a lasting impression. True Love turns you to be the man of her dreams. True Love ensures a lasting relationship and bonding between you two. Don’t attempt to use True Love for one night stand. This ain’t a pheromone combination that you put on and go ‘pickup’ any woman from social situations. You may results in these situations, but they are not guaranteed.

True Love True Pheromones is one of the most powerful pheromone products from True Pheromones. They instantly produce a ‘crush effect’ on women. True Pheromones True Love perfume is one of the unique perfumes available online. The active ingredients of True Love pheromone perfume include methoxyestratraenone, andostenol, androstadienone and estratetraenol.

True Radiance Pheromone Perfume

True Pheromones True Radiance perfume was designed as a finisher to their product line. The True Radiance True pheromones formula is used to enhance communication. With this perfume, you can enhance relationships and be ready for any potential sexual encounter. Instead of hitting every woman with an aura of sex appeal, True Radiance makes you shine as the perfect friend or co-worker. It helps you get into a social situation that shall be remembered forever.

True Pheromone True Trust

True Trust pheromones perfume is the only pheromone solution that contains Oxytocin (female hormone produced during ovulation). True Trust True Pheromones are used for building strong trust and bonding. Are you looking for a lifelong relationship? Well then True Pheromones True Trust formula will help you. You can use it at the office to build he trust with co-workers to make a business deal happen. Use a second application in the evening for a date. It brings the confidence in you and helps you encounter anywhere.

Research has found that oxytocin is capable of building trust with the people you encounter. The company is confident in the results. If you are unsatisfied with the results, the company shall give you back your money. The ingredients of True Trust from True Pheromones are oxytocin, androstenol and androstenone.

True Pheromones Perfumes For Women

Have you wondered why some women can attract gorgeous men without even saying a word? Do you want to be one among them who wants to be followed by all good looking men. With True Pheromones exclusive perfume collections for women, you can attract and make him wild for you.

But before we cover the pheromone perfumes for women, there is something that you need to know about pheromone for women. Pheromone is a chemical that is produced in animal species. Researches on pheromones for women have proven to attract opposite sex since the 1940’s. Pheromones for women have come up with successful results all over the world. Their pheromone perfumes and body sprays ensure that you meet the man of your dreams. Yes, he will be attracted to you and come following you. Here comes a list of pheromone perfumes for women.

  • The gilroy perfume for women
  • True communication true pheromones
  • True Essence pheromones for women
  • True Love to attract men
  • True Opener pheromones for women
  • True Sexiness
  • True Trust True pheromones for women

The Gilroy Perfume For Women

The gilroy pheromone perfume for women combines two popular pheromones into a single bottle for quick application. With the gilroy perfume, you can make men feel comfortable around you. If you are have worried on what to say on a first date, this pheromone solution will help you overcome. The Gilroy true pheromone perfume will create sexual energy and attractiveness. With this solution, you are not going to get him fall over you for sex. But they will feel safe and secured being with you. They will enjoy your company and find reasons to stick on to you.

True Communication True Pheromones

True Communication pheromones perfume for women provides deep communication to interact with men. When your body releases copulin pheromones, men react. Believe it or not!! When women supplement their fragrance with True Communication, men instantly approach them. These pheromones are the only thing that can change you. There has been a powerful result reported with True Communication pheromone perfumes. Its a powerful solution from True Pheromones. You can use this as a powerful social and workplace tool. At workplace, this potent combination of irresistible Estratetraenol and copulins help women break the glass ceiling and advance in careers.

Studies have found that True Communication formula stimulates testosterone production as soon as you are in contact with him. This opens men up emotionally and allows them to communicate more freely. They start sharing their feelings and things that you can understand. If you are not satisfied with the results, the company provides 100% money back guarantee.


True Essence Pheromones For Women

True Essence pheromones perfume for women amplifies your body’s natural attraction mechanism. True Essence taps into that emotional pathway to signal to men that you are ready to experience sexual desires. If you ever had trouble in approaching him and get his attention, this True Pheromones True Essence perfume will help you. True Essence perfume comes with 100% pure copulins. He will listen, respond to your every call and instantly meet your emotional and sexual expectations.

True Love To Attract Men

True Love pheromone perfume will help you get closer to Mr. Right. True Pheromones True Love formula is a specially formulated perfume designed to ease his fears and create a comforting bond. True Love is not meant for women looking for a one night stand. It’s meant for women who are looking for a long-time relationship. True Love pheromone body spray brings in true attraction. With True Love, you will recognize a clear response, and if it doesn’t work, your full money is returned back. A bottle of True Love perfume includes 100% copulins, estratetraenol, androstenol, methoxyestratetraenone and androstadienone.

True Opener Pheromones For Women

The True Pheromone True Opener perfume for women is a perfect solution to get rid of your starting troubles. With True Opener pheromone perfume, you don’t need a conversation starter. He won’t just have a trashy pick up line. Yes, True Opener True pheromone perfume creates real communication. True Opener can be used to close business deals, break into a new social circle. Get the promotion at work with your smart behavior and cool talks.

True Sexiness Sexual Pheromone Perfume

True Sexiness is not to just make you feel sexy, but to make you sexy. True Sexiness pheromone perfume is the ultimate and best-selling pheromone perfumes for women. It provides sex appeal. Using True Pheromone True Sexiness, will make you powerful enough to turn any man on faster than you ever thought. From quick hook-ups to first dates, True Sexiness is the perfect friend for more relationships than any other pheromone formula in the market. There is no specific situation where you should use True Sexiness. You can use this solution at any occasion to turn men on to you. Be it at the bar, or home, find your love life with True Sexiness pheromones formula. The ingredients 100% copulin pheromones and estratreaenol makes the perfume the favorite perfume among women.

True Trust True Pheromones For Women

True Pheromones True Trust perfumes are ideal for daily use or any special situation that require a string trust. It’s not for hook-ups, first dates and heating up existing relationships. True Trust is meant for those women who work in the corporate world. The True Trust pheromone perfumes help women get emotional support and response they need, for closing the deals. Create lasting relationships with clients. Get recognized in the office for being a trustworthy person.

True Pheromones Reviews

Here you can see the True Love pheromones review. It has received a 4 star rating from the customers.

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True Pheromones Discount Code – True Pheromones Discount Coupons

True pheromones coupon codes provide offers for True Pheromones perfumes. Get Pheromone perfumes at much discounted rates with the help of these True Pheromone promo codes.

  • Get 20% off for any True Pheromone purchase. Apply the coupon code “ANJVWU7T94LWM”.
  • Get 30% off site wide with the coupon code “PNMAAC1FO6”
  • Get True Sexiness sexual based pheromone perfume for $59.96
  • Buy True Instinct at $32.95 from the official website of True Pheromones.

True Pheromones Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any true pheromones forums available online?

Yes, there are many True Pheromones forums wherein people discuss about the results and effectiveness of True Pheromone perfumes.

How to apply Pheromones directly?

Care must be taken not to apply the perfume directly to skin. Use a reliable atomizer to apply pheromones.

Is there any difference between True pheromones and androtics direct?

True Pheromones are cheaper alternative to Androtics Direct products.

Are True pheromones available for sale in UK? provides some True pheromones for sale. You can buy from

From where to buy True Instinct perfume for men?

You can buy True Instinct pheromone perfume for men from true is the official webpage of True Pheromones.

Can I buy True confessions pheromones perfume from True Pheromones website?

True Confessions is not a product of True Pheromones. Hence, you won’t be able to buy that from True Pheromones website.

Are True Pheromones perfumes available in Indonesia?

No. True Pheromones is not shipped to Indonesia.

Is True Pheromones shipped to India?

There are many other pheromone perfume brands available for sale in India, but not True Pheromones. True Pheromones are not shipped to India.

Are there any True Pheromones news?

Yes, you can see True Pheromones in the news due to its amazing results to attract the opposite sex. You can read pheromone reports from some of the world’s most respected news organizations in the True Pheromones website.

From where to buy True romance pheromones?

There is no such product with the name True Romance, in True Pheromones website. You might have gone wrong with the name. True Pheromones True Love is one of the popularly sold pheromone perfumes for building love and trust among the partners.

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