Use the Liquid Trust spray Coupon Codes

Use the Liquid Trust spray Coupon Codes

Liquid Trust Oxytocin Spray

Liquid Trust Spray coupon codes 2014 are available to aid you in your purchase of Liquid Trust Sprays. All you have to do is copy the coupon codes and paste them at check out. This product works on you in ways you couldn’t imagine. It has very positive effects on the people around you. This has been vouched for by many of the users.

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The given Liquid trust Spray coupon codes have been tested and found to be successful. You can have $10 off on any Liquid Trust Orders by using the coupon code TELLYCRITIC106.

FOR A $5 off at Liquid Trust Spray purchases, you could use the coupon code BUX5. If you would like your orders to be shipped freely to you, you could use the coupon code AFF24/max1108/. For a free shipping of ALL orders from the Verolabs Liquid Trust spray, you can use the coupon code ESQ08.

For a 20% discount on the Liquid Trust Sprays 1 ounce bottles, use the codes max709 with free shipping or MAX0109. You can get a 10% off discount by using the coupon code EBOPP. You can use max1111 for free shipping of the spray in the US.

The Liquid Trust sprays are available in different quantities and sets. You could first sample them with small quantities and then upgrade to more. Do not forget to use the Liquid trust spray coupon codes when you do this.

There is a new product from Verolabs known as the Liquid Trust Spray Enhanced. This contains pheromones are meant especially for men though women could use it in small quantities as well. Coupon codes specifically for them have yet to be used. The coupon codes given here are verified from use and have more than 75% success in use.

Verolabs : oxytocin for men

Vero labs brings you liquid trust spray that contains oxytocin especially designed for men.

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liquid trust pheromones spray for men Oxytocin:

It is a hormone that is found naturally in mammals which helps you in creating a bond between people, mating, trust etc. Oxytocin also helps people in controlling their emotions and give them relief from stress or fear. When the level of oxytocin rises, you feel happy and when it is low, you feel sad and broody.

liquid trust pheromones spray for men Products:

There are two products from vero labs (1) liquid trust spray and (2) enhanced liquid trust spray. While the original formula contains the love hormone – oxytocin, the enhanced liquid trust spray is a pheromone product that contains two additions known as androstenone and androsterone and is way more effective than the original formula. The Enhanced liquid trust spray is especially designed for men only.

liquid trust pheromones spray for men Ingredients & Use:

The base ingredient is oxytocin which also includes purified water and SD alcohol. The original formula can generally for men but can be also used by women. The Enhanced liquid trust spray is however restricted for men only.

Just after a quick shower, spray once or twice on your shirt before the big presentation. Same applies when you have a date.

The androstenone is a male pheromone and creates an aggressive and dominant aura around the person who wears it. If used as guided, it gives best results in both professional and personal arenas.

liquid trust pheromones spray for men Availability and Guarantee:

The oxytocin for men liquid trust spray comes in an one ounce bottle. The original oxytocin for men formula is also available in a ¼ ounce bottle that will last up to 2 weeks.

The oxytocin for men liquid trust spray comes with a 60 days guarantee. If at all you are not satisfied with the product, simply return it within 60 days from the date of purchase and get your money back.

Reviews about liquid trust spray for men:


There are many testimonials that prove that products from vero labs are definitely worth a try. For a salesman, who often have to interact with their clients, liquid trust spray is definitely a plus point. It helps gain the trust of the clients and help build the skill of the salesperson. It also boosts his self-confidence as the nervousness and gear that gripped him was now at an all time low. It also helps people in building and improving the relationships in personal level bringing people closer.


While limited quantity of pheromones is good, high level of usage of androstenone cannot be good as it is an aggressive pheromone. If a person applies too much of enhanced liquid trust spray, he might come out too bad and aggressive, have an unpleasant smell (due to the chemical), attract people of the same gender, or simply no response at all.

Another group says that the product – oxytocin for men liquid trust spray is a bit on the expensive side for such a small bottle. It is better to use the trial pack of ¼ ounce first before going and purchasing a two month supply.

Liquid Trust Spray Has sprinkled hopes of Changing Human Interactions

The Trust spray  by Vero Labs has promising claims of changing the emotional outlook of men and women. The spray can alter the way human beings look at each other completely in today’s world and bring amazing variations to human interactions. This spray will present you as the trustworthy person you are instantaneously. The threat that the spray can do damage in the wrong hands is still a topic of discussion.

The Liquid Trust spray contains oxytocin which is a hormone produced by the hypothalamus and now, people don’t just have to depend on this small portion of the brain. The is now available for your use. When going for an interview, you can find that you are better accepted by the interviewers if you use this. This can be called emotional manipulation, but the truth is, it mostly improves the confidence so that the person can perform better.

The Trust Spray can help improve your mood as well by blocking some of the hormones that cause fear and anxiety. This can reduce your stress levels and increase your self confidence. People are more likely to agree with you when you use the spray. They become more supportive and accepting of your ideas. It can work wonders in creating a very agreeable environment around you. People will recognize it as your positive aura.

The oxytocin in the Trust Spray is also known as the “cuddle hormone” and this spread a feeling of coziness in men and women. The more comfortable you get, the more likely you are to have favorable conversations, support when you pitch your ideas and to create a general feeling of goodness around you.

The Trust spray can help men and women in various fields. It helps advances in careers, better chances of approaching people, better marketing skills, better confidence to performances etc.. Try the new Liquid Trust spray to know the difference for yourself.

Buy Vero Labs Liquid Trust

If you want to buy Vero Labs Liquid trust We assume you know how liquid trust spray by Vero labs work. Buy this spray if you want to boost the circle of trust in your life.

What makes the liquid trust so trustworthy?

Oxytocin, a hormone in mammals is the main ingredient of vero labs liquid trust. How oxytocin works is it helps in making people bond with each other and is often used for mating purposes, pregnancy and childbirth.

While buying vero labs liquid trust, you can be sure that the product will help you to boost your self confidence at social events, meetings, presentations etc. When sprayed, it will release a chemical that will help others to build trust on you and will make you the center of attention. It also helps in easing the tension between you and the persons you are surrounded with.

How to use:

After a shower, just spray it once or twice on your shirt. The product is generally for men but can also be used by women in small amounts.

When you buy vero labs liquid trust, you can be sure that it works well as it is quite odorless and mixes well with any cologne or perfume.

Vero labs liquid trust contains SD alcohol and purified water along with oxytocin as the base ingredient. It comes in an one ounce bottle that will last you up to two months. If you want to opt a trial pack, choose the ¼ ounce bottle that will cost you only $30 and will last for two weeks.


You can buy vero labs liquid trust from the official website or from amazon. While buying, you can be sure that it comes with a 60 day money guarantee, which means if you think the product doesn’t meet up to your expectations, you can return it within 60 days from the date of purchase and get fully reimbursed.

A general consensus states that they have bought vero labs liquid trust spray and have garnered quite some positive effects.

It is recommended to use at unavoidable situations where you really feel the need to use liquid trust spray rather than mis-utilizing the product for one’s own manipulative needs.

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