Verolabs : Liquid trust pheromone spray for men

Verolabs : Liquid trust pheromone spray for men

Liquid Trust

Vero labs enhanced liquid trust spray contains pheromone that is designed only for men.

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Enhanced liquid trust spray for men is new from Vero labs that contains oxytocin hormone apart from pheromones – androstenone and androsterone found in humans. These pheromones are usually released from the sweat glands to provide mutual attraction between men and women to help in mating. It also helps women in their ovulation cycles. When we use perfumes or colognes, we actually reduce our natural scent.

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Vero labs utilizes these pheromones to create trust spray for men. How liquefied trust pheromone spray for men works is quite amazing.

If you have an important presentation to do or a prominent date at evening, just spray once or twice (recommended) on your shirt. The Enhanced liquid trust pheromone spray works amazingly by making people break the ice and gaining trust you completely.

Trust and love are important factors that helps any relationship keep going. When used correctly, Enhanced liquid trust pheromone spray for men will also help you in removing the fear or anxiety in you while interacting with people, for example – during a job interview.

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Liquified Trust Pheromones spray for men Reviews

Be cautious though about high level of androstenone. Though androstenone is found in both men and women, it is high in men due to its aggressive and dominating nature. When applied on correct limit, its good. But if the dosage goes haywire, then you might attract person of the same gender (which is probably not something you are looking for…!!!), foul odor due to chemicals, headaches due to exposure of high level of androstenone or you may come up as an aggressive person which will trigger hostile response from others. Enhanced liquid trust pheromone spray from vero labs can be quite tricky as the responses can be quite unpredictable.

Enhanced liquid trust pheromone spray for men contains other ingredients such as purified water and SD alcohol for effective and easy use. They are basically odorless and can be combined with any cologne or perfume.

The liquid pheromone trust spray for men comes in an ounce bottle which usually lasts up to two months, but if you want to try it out before purchasing the actual thing, go with the ¼ ounce bottle as the products are a bit on the expensive side.

A point to be noted here is there is no scientific evidence to prove that Enhanced liquid trust pheromone spray for men actually works but there are many users who have given positive nod about this product. So if the old fashioned trust doesn’t work, go with the liquid pheromone trust spray.

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Liquid Trust Spray Enhanced: An improved Trust Spray for Men

The Liquid Trust Spray Enhanced is a new and improved Trust spray for men. The earlier Liquid Trust spray has proved to be quite effective when used in the right quantity by the users. They found a difference in the level of trust and friendliness they received on a daily basis. The Liquid Trust Spray enhanced has a few more active ingredients that are especially designed for men.

Pheromones are hormones present in the human body that evokes feelings of trust and bonding between animals and even among humans. The Enhanced Trust Spray has the pheromones androstenone and androsterone which are hormones that attract the female of the species establishing mating maturity. The androstenone and androsterone are usually present in the sweat of the male and can be detected by the females when they are ready for mating. When used, this works as an enhanced attractiveness in men and women are able to detect it.

The pheromones are detected in different forms by each different subject. Some find the smell floral, some find in musky or woody, and some would not be affected by it. The Liquid Trust Enhanced Spray would do the normal function of the Trust Spray by increasing the feeling of bonding between the object and the subject. The improvement is that when used by men, the effects are taken to a whole new level.

The Liquid Trust Spray Enhanced is not recommended in high quantities on a woman, though, in small quantities, it has been found to have given good results. Even on men, the Enhanced Trust Spray  has to be used not more than twice as excess quantities may have other chemical effects on the body. When you feel the effects wearing off, you could use a little more of the Trust Spray Enhanced but the effects are purely subjective.

Liquid Trust Enhanced  Spray is a must try product for men who have found the amazing effects of the Liquid Trust spray from Verolabs.

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