Verolabs : Nasal spray oxytocin

Verolabs : Nasal spray oxytocin

Liquid Trust

Vero labs introduces liquid trust spray that is made out of intranasal oxytocin that is released by our hypothalamus. The liquid trust spray comes in two different products such as (a) liquid trust spray and (b) Enhanced liquid trust spray.

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While the original formula contains oxytocin only, the Enhanced liquid trust spray contains additional pheromones such as androstenone and androsterone that are usually the natural pheromone scent of a person which is released from the sweat glands. It is often rendered as nature’s way of making men and women fall for each other.

liquid trust pheromones spray for men Reviews

To be on the safe side, Vero labs does not produce “nasal” liquid trust spray. There are many brands that target nasal spray which if used at a higher dose may trigger off any allergic reactions.

Liquid trust spray blends with the air easily and when people inhale them, it provokes a reliable feeling in them for you. When used correctly, it will also improve any relationship (professional or personal).

If you have an important presentation or an evening date, just spray the product once or twice on your shirt. It usually lasts for four hours.

Liquid trust spray does not only benefit others but you too. There are many who are dealing constantly with being neglected or discouraged due to low self-confidence. The natural oxytocin in the spray boosts your respect for self and you will find yourself paving a way to being a successful human being.

Liquid trust spray contains other ingredients such as purified water and SD alcohol for easy utility. As it is absolutely odorless, you can spray it on the shirt and combine it with your favorite cologne.

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Normally, you will find liquid trust spray in an ounce bottle that will usually last for two months. But if you are tentative about this product, go with the trial pack of ¼ ounce that will last up to two weeks. The best part is they come with a two months guarantee, so if you think the product doesn’t work, simply return it from the date of purchase and get your money back.

You can’t ignore the fact that liquid trust spray is a bit on the expensive side but as per user’s reviews it is definitely worth a try. As it is a naturally occurring hormone, you need not worry about its side effects.

When people are prone to use a hoard of beauty products, why not try this natural hormone?

Reviews liquid trust spray

If you are planning to buy liquid trust spray, read about its review here and then decide on your own.

Oxytocin in a bottle:

Oxytocin is a hormone often found in both men and women that induces emotions such as love, trust in people. The level of oxytocin rises when you fall in love, hug, during orgasm, or during pregnancy or childbirth etc.

When you use liquid trust spray, it mixes with the air easily making people inhale the oxytocin. This induces a good feeling amongst people for you. When people inhale the oxytocin, it helps you in gaining their trust more easily than others.

Liquid trust spray contains SD alcohol and purified water along with the base ingredient – oxytocin for easy and effective use.

When all attempts to gain attention seems futile, there is no harm in trying out liquid trust spray. When used correctly, it helps you to get the desired results, be it professional or personal. For example, if you are going for an interview, just spray once or twice on your shirt after a shower. You will definitely feel the difference.

Apart from encouraging trust in people,it also helps you in motivating yourself. The oxytocin content in the spray helps people with their self-confidence, fear and anxiety levels. You will note that when people approach you, you will feel less apprehensive about interacting with them.

Good reviews:

There are many reviews by actual users all over the internet about how liquid trust spray works efficiently. Same customers are quite difficult to handle and who knows better than a salesperson who is required to meet hundreds of clients a day. After using this product, many people have benefited with the customers letting their guard down and interacting freely with the salesperson.

You need to use it correctly as per the dosage recommended or else it will deliver a pungent smell on your body.

Another review is about a person who was going for his first day at office. Just like many of us, he was also a bit apprehensive. Just like a worst nightmare comes true, the boss was a tyranny. A week passed and then a month and nothing good came out of it. After looking at the reviews of many users, he jumped and ordered a bottle of liquid trust spray. After initial hesitation, he applied trust spray and went to the office expecting nothing. But for the first time, his boss spoke to him about his previous experience and various interests.

Though certain reviews are hard to believe, but not all reviews can be fake. When you are shelling out bucks on frivolous beauty products, why not spend on this natural oxytocin that can only help you.

Con reviews:

Don’t jump into buying a two month supply of liquid trust spray. Use the ¼ ounce trial pack before ordering the product.

Some reviews even claim that this product is quite expensive and not worth the money and if used overly induces allergic reactions such as cramps.

Another fact is since there are no scientific evidence, it is hard to believe that liquid trust spray is worth your money, but you can decide upon people’s reviews.

Liquid Trust Spray Review – Does it really work?

The review of Liquid Trust Spray has mixed reactions – Does it really work in building trust? Let us first talk about the product and its features before going deep into the reviews of Liquid Trust Spray. Liquid Trust Spray is the world’s first Oxytocin pheromone product which is specially formulated to create a trusting atmosphere. It helps in increasing trustworthiness and likability. Oxytocin, the main ingredient of the spray, plays an important part in heightening people’s levels of trust at work, at a job interview, at meetings etc. Oxytocin also helps in formation of social bonds, induce feelings of optimism, increase self-esteem and build trust. Oxytocin is a normally produced in the human body during sex, child birth, breast feeding, anxiety, social recognition etc.

Reviews about Liquid Trust Spray:

As with any product, Liquid Trust Spray has also mixed reactions – for some it has helped them in getting acceptance and recognition in the workplace but for some it has not made any difference as elaborated. Let us look at some reviews:
The positive reviews on this Oxytocin Spray says that it has increased self-confidence as the bearer got good appreciation at workplace and his/her personal relationships improved. Adopted kids were benefited from this Oxytocin Spray as it helped them in coping with the stress and made them feel safe and connected. The experience of a sales person with Liquid Trust Spray was really amazing. The purchase manager behaved like good old buddy and the business contract was signed without any hassle. In many of the cases with this Spray, it had induced excess feelings of trust and openness and a strong desire for personal bonding. For school kids, it has helped in being optimistic, shedding the shyness and getting acceptance from your classmates and teachers.

The negative reviews on this Oxytocin Spray says about finding no difference the way people treat or behave to you with or without this Oxytocin Spray and hence it is a waste of time, belief and money.

In other words, the hormone Oxytocin when released by the human body in pretty good amounts creates a trusting environment in a natural way. The same phenomenon have been adopted by Vero Labs and is marketed as ‘trust hormone’, ‘love hormone’ or ‘bond hormone’ with a product name – LIQUID TRUST SPRAY – And it does really work.

Liquid Trust Spray: A boost to your self confidence

Can the Liquid Trust spray help you in improving your self confidence? The thing about trust is that it has the power to break down the outer defenses of people that they built as a precaution against betrayal. The spray when used, can have similar effects on people. When someone trusts you, it means you showed traits that you are worthy of it. This gives you the self-confidence you will need in social interactions.

The Liquid Trust spray can also be a blessing in relationships. It will promote a healthy amount of trust in weak ones. The oxytocin present in this is a hormone that plays a major role in sexual interactions and this is based on trust as well. Growing confidences in each other is important when in a good relationship.

Liquid Trust spray makes you stress free as the oxytocin has the peripheral ability to reduce stress by reducing the cortisol levels in the body. This will reduce blood pressure and also acts as an anti-depressant. When confidence in self reduces, there are high chances that the person is leading a depressed and anxious life. Low oxytocin levels in the body is a very common cause of depression and this spray can easily remedy that.


Self confidence is also closely tied to self image in many people. Also, a healthy body weight has many beneficial effects. Oxytocin in the Liquid Trust spray is actually responsible for many essential metabolic activities. When the metabolic activities of the body function well, weight loss occurs and the body gains a healthy weight. This has to be done with normal food intake, though.

The Liquid Trust spray can pull down social barriers, produce feelings of optimism, increase you self esteem or self confidence and build trust so that people can move past their fears and other social inhibitions. It can also help in treating disorders like shyness and anxiety disorders, treat post traumatic stress and heal wounds of damaged relationships.

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